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بدھ، 7 جولائی، 2010

Maoists expanding base Indo-Bangladesh borders

After having consolidated its base in the Jangalmahal area spread over three districts, the underground Communist Party of India (Maoist) has started expanding its organisation in the Indo-Bangladesh borders of the Sundarbans to complete a safe corridor from coastal West Bengal to Chhattisgarh.
According to intelligence sources, the Maoists have already set up a number of hideout bases in Diamond Harbour and Kakdwip and some remote and isolated parts of Sundarbans by taking into confidence the local poor, living on fishing, honey collection and wood cutting.
The Maoists also set up committees in line of the Lalgarh's 'People's Committee Against Police Atrocities' in areas like Sagar islands, Kultali and Namkhana.
The sources said a part of the information about Maoist expansion to the Sundarbans came to light after the arrest of five hardcore activists of the banned outfit recently.
Madhusudan Mondal alias Narayan, who was one of those arrested, was an important functionary for the party, involved in the 'resistance' during the Nandigram upsurge. Later, he was assigned to set up bases in the Sundarbans area in South Twentyfour Parganas district, which was adjacent to Nandigram in West Midnapore district.
''The objective of spreading the network to the Sundarbans is very important for them - to build a safe corridor from coastal West Bengal to Chhattisgarh through West Midnapore and Orissa,'' the sources said.
The logistic advantage of having hideouts in the area, crisscrossed by numerous rivers and creeks, would also provide them the opprotunity to quickly escape into Bangladesh when necessary, they said.
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