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جمعرات, ستمبر 9, 2010

Quran Burning: Zionists Jews and Christians sacred religion of Islam

Over one billion people regard the Holy Quran as a book of religion, instruction, belief, worship, morality and training and every thoughtful human should respect sanctity. 

The Quran is a book which praises Abrahamic religions and invites all people to worship God.

A new wave of racist violence and Islamophobia in the US political and media circles and a few European countries has led to large-scale protests of people in these countries.   The leaders of followers of different religions in the US on Tuesday, September 7, in a meeting in Washington, warned against disputes among religions, and emphasized on reconciliatory co-existence of the followers of religions and prevention of spread of anti-Islamic sentiments in the US and Europe.
The setting of fire of a mosque construction site in the US and the plans of a radical priest in the US for the blasphemous act of burning Holy Qoran on the anniversary of 9/11; desecration of Muslims' cemeteries in a few European countries; and imposition of social restrictions especially for Muslim women are parts of the consequences of the wave of Islamophobia in the West.
The wave of Islamophobia in the recent weeks has even targeted Islamic rulings and the promoters of Islamophobia which consist of Zionists and fundamentalist Christians are trying in vain to somehow display a violent image of Islamic rulings in order to prevent the conversion of non-Muslim citizens to the sacred religion of Islam.
The leaders of Muslims in the US and Europe say that the anti-Islamic sentiments are rooted in a misunderstanding about Islam and Muslims, while the radicals are taking undue advantage of the current conditions such as an economic meltdown in the US and Europe to incite such sentiments.
Based on incoming reports on Islamophobia in the West, the White House in reaction to the intention of a priest in the State of Florida to burn Holy Qoran, has fallen short of condemnation of this blasphemous act, and has only said this measure may lead to retaliatory actions against the US interests and forces in other countries.
Moreover, recently in an insolent measure, a nightclub with architecture similar to a mosque and titled: "Mecca" has been constructed in a city in Spain.
In the US, the radical Jews and Christians have opposed the construction of a mosque in the vicinity of Ground Zero in New York and have baselessly claimed that construction of this building is an insult to the families of victims of 9/11 incidents, while a group of families of survivors of this incident staged a gathering in New York last week supporting Muslims' right to construct a mosque in this location.
Meanwhile, it seems that with the wave of Islamophobia in the West that intends to display of an unfounded violent and anti-human visage of Islam, despite the residence of millions of Muslims in the US and European countries, such unwanted developments are related to concerns of the Zionist lobby about inclination of citizens of these countries to the sacred religion of Islam and its anti-arrogance outcomes.


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