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جمعرات، 14 اکتوبر، 2010

Indian Army starts exploiting Kashmiri Imams to dent freedom movement

 Declaring Kashmir as an integral part of India, a major conclave Congress ally, Jamiat at Darul-Uloom, Deoband  last Sunday resolved to raise atrocities against Kashmiris as the issue of Indian Muslims at the national level.

Indian Army leadership has reportedly chalked- out a comprehensive plan to de-track and confuse Kashmiri youth and for the purpose, it has evolved a strategy to use the religious leaders, particularly the Imams (heads of Mosques) of the occupied valle , reveal the findings of The Daily Mail’s investigations.
These investigations further reveal that for this purpose, a high level meeting was held here at Indian Army Headquarters, headed by Chief of Indian Military Intelligence Lt. Gen. Loomba The meeting that was besides others attended by the Director General Psychological Operations (Psy Opps) and the commander of Eastern Command and the Northern, discussed different plans and Operations after the MI Chief’s plan of exploiting Imams was finalized and was code named “ Operation Ghatik Imam” (operation attacking secretly through Imams). The Daily Mail’s investigations elaborate that at the end of the meeting, it was decided that the operation should be conducted through the Northern Command. Indian army’s 59 Rashtriya Rifles Forces, located at Riasi was finally tasked by the Northern Command to contact Imams and convince them to promote India’s stance on Jammu and Kashmir.
The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that a group of 32 Imams from Poonch, Rajouri, Riasi, Jammu, Budhal and Kathua reported to the military authorities who were later brought to Amritsar, Delhi, Jaipur, Ajmer and Chandigarh. This group held meetings with the Indian President, Pratibha Patel and the speaker of Lok Sabha and has been asked to engage the Muslim youth to create confusion about the Kashmir liberation movement by initiating irrelevant religious debates. It is further learnt that the group is also likely to be used to create contacts and sources for intelligence gathering amongst the masses.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that the political as well as the military leadership in India have always been resorting to different machinations to pacify the volatile situation in the occupied territory and suppress the uprising against Indian occupation. It has been using stick and carrot policy to suppress the movement of the right to self-determination. Besides many other ploys, India has been creating rifts not only amongst the people of different religions in IOK but also within the sects of the Muslims.
The Daily Mail’s findings further indicate that the recent attempts of positioning the Sikhs against the Muslims and creating Shia - Sunni differences is the manifestation of such conspiracies. However, the history of past six decades stands testimony to the fact that India has totally failed to stifle Kashmiris’ voice for freedom.
These Investigations reveal that since the Kashmiri people are fully aware of the ways adopted by India to sabotage the freedom movement and to divert Kashmiris’ attention from the liberation struggle to peripheral issues, the ongoing plan of explopiting Imams of Jammu and Kashmir is bound to fail. Those taking sides with India will ultimately earn nothing but public resentment and will be considered as traitors. The imams enjoy special status and respect in Islam and should not fall prey to Indian intrigues.

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