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جمعرات، 4 نومبر، 2010

Americans' give big 'NO' to Obama policies

As was expected, the American people turned away from the Democrats in the mid-term congressional elections held on Tuesday, November 2. The Democrats experienced defeat in all the three domains, that is, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the gubernatorial elections. Before the elections, Democrats led the three in addition to being in charge of the White House, but now their status has been clearly weakened, to the extent that defeat also faces them in the November 2012 presidential elections. History shows that Democrats have not experienced such a heavy defeat in the past 60 years. The Democrats had lost seats at the mid-term elections during the presidency of Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, and Bill Clinton, but none experienced such a bitter defeat as the incumbent Barack Obama. Even Obama's former Senate seat from Illinois has been taken over by a Republican. In other words, those who had voted for Obama and his Democrat camp in the last presidential elections have turned their backs upon him because of his failure to honour his election promises. Meanwhile, the victory of certain conservative figures is sure to cause serious problems for Obama and put hurdles in the way of his bills through the House. Tea Party Senator Rand Paul has been voted by the people to the US Senate. He had vowed on the eve of the elections to work for the return of the Republicans to the White House in the next presidential elections. In related news, Sarah Palin, Leader of the Tea Party, addressing President Obama, said: "We will push you out of the White House in two years."
Political observers believed that though Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton succeeded in retaining the Oval Office for the second term despite adverse results for their parties in the mid-term congressional elections of 1982 and 1994 respectively, it will be highly unlikely for Obama to be re-elected for another presidential term. Difficult times are ahead of him. As the first news broke of the
Republican lead in yesterday's elections, GOP leaders rejected the notion of any two-party cooperation, thereby displaying their confidence of routing the Democrats completely in the 2012 presidential polls.
What is clear is that the Tea Party's victorious candidates will give a grueling time to the Democrats for their claims of success in the economic and social spheres.
In conclusion, it could be said that Democrats are certain to lose the 2012 presidential elections unless they come up with a solution to the lingering economic catastrophe.
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