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جمعرات، 16 دسمبر، 2010

India’s extra constitutional gimmicks

The Manmohan regime as it shields all nefarious operation including rampant corruption and terrorism, it also effectively pretends it does not have any idea or clue as to what exactly is happening in India.

By Dr Abdul Rauff

Perhaps, India tops the list of gimmick makers around the world for public consumption, followed by USA and its terror allies. Recently Indian intelligence-media outfits took up several corruption scandals and prolonged the cases for some time only to be abandoned to accommodate new scandals. And all previous stories die while all tainted Indians escape free from punishment or side-effects, even if cases are reported to the courts. When it come sot the ministers and top politicians, bureaucrats, IPL international frauds, there is no chance any of them is punished. Today, one gets the impression that India is being controlled by an international gang with wide ranging horrible tentacles squeezing the global resources, no just Indian per se. This alone can justify and explain the silence being maintained by Indian regime over the high level corruption cases. In fact the regime promotes corruption and the related crimes. Like in Hollywood moves, a well knit network is ruling this country by keeping a puppet government in New Delhi.

The Manmohan regime as it shields all nefarious operations including rampant corruption and terrorism, it also effectively pretends it does not have any idea or clue as to what exactly is happening in India. It appears all corruption and crime cases involving “big fellows” are brought to the media by intelligence only to coerce the corrupt people to share their booties with the government and others. And the matter ends there. That is the foundation of Indian democracy! It is no joke! Corruption scandals like 2 Spectrum or “Adarsh High-Rise Building’s flat grabbing by politicians, bureaucrats and army officials or the Common Wealth games scandal of thousands of crores of rupees being siphoned off from a huge state budgetary allocation to Commonwealth Games, etc., are being floated apparently for fun. Some meida shield the ruling party, while other the opposition. The focus of TOI’s scandal-mongering appeared to focus on one single ruling party of Congress.

Indian terror PM Manmohan is still on his perpetual foreign tour to shore in resources for the Indian industrialists in exchange for Indian public sources and to seek aid for developmental projects. South Asia’s emerging American military client, terror India has been selling the public properties to the transnational and cash also is being used by them- only ruling party and bureaucrats get some lucrative commission for their services rendered by the government and US agent Manmohan is doing everything possible to keep the capitalist and imperialist nations happy. Indian government has decided to disinvest its Rs 1200 crore equity in Air India by November 2010.

Robbery by top politicians and officials are a shameless affair. But the way the central regime tries to shield corruption is still worse. Former Central minister Raja’s case is even murkier and no one knows where all these raids and other gimmicks would end. Now with BJP’s Karnataka Chiefminister coming under a open corruption charge of illegal allotment of land to his kith and kin, and the role of BJP’s Arun Shoerie and late Pramod Mahajan awarding mobile phone spectrum to selected and preferred firms, widely believed to be against underhand payments to corrupt officials rather than being collected by the State, TOI’s investigating zeal is dragging it into a bi-partisan and more national focus on political corruption as a high-way robbery by the ruling oligarch in a most brazen and shamefaced manner, treating 1000 million Indian to be mere zombies forced to vote the same corrupt political class again and again. On July 16, Karnataka CM and BJP leader Yeddyurappa said there is no question of a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) inquiry into the Reddy brothers mining operations. Talking to reporters after meeting State Governor HR Bhardwaj, Yeddyurappa said that a probe by the central agency will only delay the progress made so far by the State authorities. Rejecting Opposition’s demand for a CBI probe, Yeddyurappa said he invited them instead to join a delegation headed by him to meet the route cause of current big corruption Manmohan Singh to press for a total ban on iron ore exports.

So, whatever little “clean image” the Hindutva BJP had earlier as a “patriotic” party has lost it since it began tasting power and cash bundles. That is Indian politics and pseudo nationalism. None needs any crash course to know Hindu India is a terror state and its hates Muslims and Islam and therefore seeks strategic partnership with Israel and USA-UK. Hyderabad keeps burning thanks to terror Indian anti-Islamic polices. In Muslim dominated areas it is easy to instigate troubles by the Hindu extremists by attacking mosques and Islamic symbols. This has been happening in Hyderabad which is literally under Indian military control by employing its numberless terror force cantonments. Right from the day when the former Hyderabad ruler Nizam was thrown out of Hyderabad by the Indian terror forces, Hyderabad’s Islamic face is being tarnished by the Hindu rulers. The anti-Muslim central regime is using the major political outfit MIM in Hyderabad to outrage the Muslims in the town nation of Hyderabad. India even invented a new phenomenon Cyberabad inside Hyderabad/Secunderabad to counter the image of Hyderabad and Secunderabad twin towns. Obviously India suffers from huge inferiority complex despite its imposing terror power.

The powerful lobby Andhra Reddy brothers, thriving in Karnataka under state patronage, are facing allegations of illegal mining of iron ores by encroaching upon a large chunk of forestland in the area causing huge damage to the environment. Earlier, the apex court had appointed a Survey of India (SoI) panel to conduct a detailed mapping of the three mines of the Reddy brothers. The SoI submitted its report, saying mining should not be allowed till a fresh demarcation of the Karnataka-Andhra Pradesh border is complete. The Survey of India panel had given its nod to Reddy’s 68.5-hectare iron ore mine, asserting that there was no major encroachment. The panel said that of the 68.5 hectares, only 66 hectares could be mined. The remaining 2.5 hectares were set aside for road construction. The panel found the Reddys mining all 68.5 hectares. All national and regional parties have popped up such notorious gangs in their vicinities.

There is strong resistance by the government and its agencies including police and even courts for a judicial probe into the infamous Batla House encounter – ignoring persistent demand, sharpened following the autopsy report, of the Muslim community and human rights groups say every second police encounter that takes place in the country is faked and falsified. This state terror scare is the latest fine showcase of its terror intent and the close connections between state and private intelligence as well as airliner networks and the related outfits. It means that roughly every second police encounter is fake in the country and none can question that and get a bad name of “traitor”. “Terrorism” “Muslims” and “Pakistan” come to the rescue of corrupt people from the corridors of power, ably protected by the government and intelligence-police. All top criminals and corrupt people escape by using these convenient terms. From the rampart of Shajahan’s Red Fort Delhi, the Indian terror PM Manmohan Singh, by reading out a message handed in from the military terror establishment, has joked, as usual, about Pakistani terrorism, while Pakistan is reeling under the floods that have killed over thousand. That even an Independence message is on terrorism, on can image what Indians must be thinking all other days. Now media suggest that there should be terror attacks now because they are over due now.

The seemingly temporary Indian UPA government is managed by Sonia-Manmohan combine that lets the coalition partners freely exploit the situation and loot the nation and each partner behaves like a king with a larger than size empire. Manmohan does not care what the ministers do so long as they do not to disturb him as he is eager tour abroad along with his family and the entourage of capitalists and fanatic media outfits. He doe snot let the politicians to derail his travel programs. Since he is not elected by the people but almost nominated by Assam Congress party, Manmohan does not think he should be committed to people, but looks after the business interests of those forces who brought him to power. Indian regime, national politicians, intelligence cum media outfits and their allies skilfully use the escape routes known as “Pakistan” and “terrorism” to stay unpunished and put an end to all investigations into extra corruption and crimes at high levels. All these rogues trust Manmohan’s ability to protect them. When things go out of control the affect person just blame the accusing people or regime of “trying to help Pakistan and get into Pak trap”. There the matter ends. The Parliamentary gimmicks over Telephone spectrum scam would also face a natural death in the same or similar fashion. Any bet - like in cricket? Writers write stories about all these corruption cases because they get paid for and media promotes this stuff to keep the crazy people in good humors without any real hopes! There is a total collapse of moral authority of Indian regime as the corporate world has already taken over India for free!. 
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