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جمعرات، 23 دسمبر، 2010

Shahzain Bugti among 26 booked

FC personnel escort Shahzain Bugti after he was arrested in Quetta on Wednesday.


An FIR has been registered against president of the Balochistan chapter of Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP) Shahzain Bugti and his 26 body guards for keeping illegal arms, The cases have been filed with Airport Police Station under 6 different sections of Anti-terror Act, which included misbehavior with government officers, recovery of illegal arms, interference in government’s work, etc. On Wednesday, paramilitary troops arrested on Nawabzada Shahzain Bugti, grandson of the late Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, along with several personal guards, after finding a huge quantity of illegal arms and ammunition in vehicles of his convoy coming from the border town of Chaman. According to Shahzain Bugti, the drama ofarms smuggling had been staged to stop him from holding a march to Dera Bugti on January 28.

Baloch nationalist leader and Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP) president Nawabzada Shahzain Bugti and several of his supporters were arrested  here on Wednesday after security forces allegedly found weapons in vehicles in his motorcade.
Shahzain was detained at Buleli check post by the Frontier Constabulary while he was returning from Chaman.
Shahzain is the grandson of late Baloch leader Nawab Mohammed Akbar Khan Bugti, who was killed in a military operation in 2006.
Security personnel stopped Shahzain's 12-vehicle motorcade for checking at the post.
He was detained with his supporters when weapons were allegedly found in some vehicles.
Footage on television showed Shahzain being bundled into a car by security personnel and driven away.
Deputy Inspector General of Police (Operations) Hamid Shakil told the media that the paramilitary personnel had Bugti and his supporters.
"The Frontier Constabulary has recovered a huge cache of arms and ammunition and it will return all licensed weapons," he said.
IGP Malik Muhammad Iqbal said that Interior Minister Rehman Malik was closely monitoring the situation arising out of Nawabzada Shahzain Bugti's arms smuggling bid and had ordered formation of a joint investigation team to probe the matter.
IGFC Maj Gen Obaidullah told a press conference that on a tip-off the security personnel stopped the convoy of Shahzain Bugti at the checkpoint.
He said that after lapse of some three hours, Shahzain Bugti attempted to flee which was foiled. The personnel disarmed his security guards and took all of them in custody.
He added that after thorough search the personnel recovered 50 SMGs, 4 LMGs, two 12.7mm AA guns, two 14.2 mm AA guns, one SPG-9, one 9mm pistol, one AUG, 46,000 rounds of SMG, 1600 rounds of 12.7/14.5, 570 rounds of AUG, 880 rounds of sniper rifle, 39 rounds of 9mm pistol, 17 mobile phones and 16 vehicles.
Shahzain alleged he was being victimised and that the arms belonged to the Frontier Constabulary.
He said he would take up the issue of his harassment with countries like the US.
The nationalist leader had earlier announced that he would lead a march from Kashmore in Sindh to Dera Bugti next month to press authorities to facilitate the return of displaced members of the Bugti tribe.
He had alleged that over 100,000 people of the Bugti tribe had migrated to Nasirabad and Jaffarabad districts during the military operation that resulted in the killing of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti in 2006.
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