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منگل، 4 جنوری، 2011

Babri Mosque & Indian secularism

The memory of Babri`s destruction remains a milestone in the secular attitude of Indian government toward Muslims and Islam. The loss will be remembered as long as there is a void where the grand mosque once stood.

By Dr Abdul Ruff

The fictitious case by Hindu terrorists and fanatic elements against India’s Babri Mosque, destroyed by these rogue sections among the Hindus, is now under the consideration of Supreme Court and Hindus terrorists have already pressed for Judiciary support against Babri Mosque by enacting another terror attack, now in Varanasi- a major Hindu pilgrimage spot in Uttar Pradesh where the Babri Mosque stood as national symbol of unity. They wanted to place the blame for the terror attack on Muslims, expecting some disgruntled Indian agents among Muslims to take the “responsibility” for the crime. The Hindu Jihadis have not understood that the destruction of grand Babri Mosque is the crudest sign of Hindu brutality on Indian secularism and democracy and the ghastly demolition of faith clearly signifies poor destiny of Muslims in India. After nearly two decades, the Allahabad High Court has come out with a pro-Hindutva judgment on the ghastly Babri Mosque demotion case.

One of key policy of post-Independent India has been promote Hinduism and extra Hindu interests in and out of India which requires defaming of Islam and belittling, insulting, injuring Muslims. Indian regime pursued the destruction of grand Babri Mosque in a systematic manner. The main idea is to finally deny that there was Mosque at the site. First, an independent India, which got freedom from England at midnight, threw away the Babri Mosque Imam at midnight, locked the Mosque, denied permission to Muslims to worship inside or near the Mosque- there has been terror situation created by UP and central polices plus fanatic terror networks; the, India opened the Mosque to enable the Hindu fanatics to put some structural filth inside the Mosque and let Hindus do nonsense there freely with state protection; Then, Indian decided to remove the Mosque and leave the space with a Hindutva structure for some years so that the Hindus could claim a their own structure there; Then India began unleashing a fantastic tactic of using the expression “structure” in place of Babri Mosque only to make Hindu terrorists to be bold to demolish it like jungle moneys and not be scare of about God’s wrath or state punishment for the Hindu Al-Qaeda terror attack on on the Mosque; The, extremist Hindus were mobilized by effectively using extra political campaigns and media and TV serial Ramayana and this frenzy led to the destruction of the Mosque witnessed by the entire world while the BJP led fanatic politician syndicates rejoiced; Then quickly, Indian military terrorists created a structure of bricks; But this also led l to the murder of many Muslims in the country, creating new breed of Hindutva pseudo-patriots like N. Modi who use anti-Islamism to garner Hindu votes.

The destruction of Babri Mosque was a calculated move by India to remove the obstacle - the mosque - to enable the Hindutva elements to successfully pursue the case with able support from pro-Hindu judiciary. Indian regime knows with so much of anti-Islamic Muslims created by ‘socialization and politicization” processes since 1947 and Islamophobia and Osamaphobia doing their jobs, the Mosque would lose its own case in favor of fanatic Hindu criminals. India has enough faith in the judiciary media, the street criminals and other anti-social networks among Muslims to create wedge in any Islamic grouping to defend the Mosque. As a result of political pressure on Mosques, there is hardly any mentioning of Babri Mosque in the Friday sermons. Obviously, Muslims are part of Indian fanatic society. The “historic” date December 6, 1992, became stained by one of the most horrible symbols of Indian secularism and democracy, and the tragic event cannot be forgotten by any right thinking person irrespective of the nature of their religious beliefs. The horrendous act of vandalism by misguided Hindu extremists and the destruction of the Grand Babri Mosque in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh was carelessly scrawled into history by the strategist terrorists operating against Islam. They arrogantly operated in India under the full shield from Indian intelligence, media, military and other security services.

The memory of Babri’s destruction remains a milestone in the secular attitude of Indian government toward Muslims and Islam. The loss will be remembered as long as there is a void where the grand mosque once stood. The Government of India promised to rebuild the mosque after it was tragically and deliberately razed by a hammer of hate. On the eve of the tragic event, Muslims across the nation are always under the grip of tensions about a possible terror track by India’s government or private agencies poised to coerce the Muslims to shed their legitimate demand for the Mosque which belongs to Islam ad not just Indian Muslims. The destruction of Babri Mosque is being underplayed by the governments and their loyal media, obviously to block any move to the process of the construction activities of the mosque. Decades have passed since Babri Mosque was seized by Indian state and judiciary has also delayed the justice process for another almost two decades. India hopes that, as the years pass, it could argue that there was no Babri Mosque at Ayodhya at all, and hence, the construction of the said mosque would not arise at all. Judiciary, appointed and controlled by the State, also would shut its eyes on the fate of the grand mosque. It won’t be a surprise, if some of the official “Muslims” also join the choir of the official politicians and bureaucrats in denouncing the demands for the mosque.

India has very cleverly made use of all available opportunities to create rifts in the society, particularly between Hindus and Muslims, on the one hand, and among the Muslims themselves, on the other. Group politics, vote bank politics, and even cricket have been effectively brought into play to turn the attention of the Muslims from their demands for Babri Mosque reconstruction. The Muslim political parties and other minor outfits have also been brought under the arena of State control in many wooing manners. Those who still clamor for the rebuilding of Babri Mosque are ill-treated and put into jails as “potential or suspected terrorists.” With the US playing its terror card in the Islamic world, India would also have more opportunities to attack the Muslims and refuse to rebuild the Mosque.

The writer is an Indian-based freelance journalist.
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