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پیر, جنوری 31, 2011

Paradoxical US approach toward revolution in Egypt

The current developments in Tunisia and Egypt once more attracted the world attention to the fate of the US stooge regime in the world, in the Arab world in particular.

The US officials have made contradictory remarks vis-à-vis the ongoing massive demonstrations in these two Muslim countries; on one side they announced support for the dictator regime and on other side talked of support for the democracy-seeking movements.
US State Secretary Hillary Clinton said Hosni Mubarak should exert real reforms in the country. Even, some of the US media said that the White House had announced readiness to back transition of power in Egypt. This is while at the same time, Clinton said Washington will continue unsparing military aid to Cairo.
Contemplation on the US stand toward the uprisings and revolutions of the people in Iran, Indonesia, Tunisia and Egypt in the past three decades, we see a similar attitude each time. The US support for all dictatorial regimes in developing countries whether politically, economically, and in regard to security matters of concern and even kept mum when the ruling regimes followed shoot-to-kill strategy against the protesters. The US tried its last chances to suppress the oppositions who sought overthrow the client regimes. However, when the situation was going out of control, the White House followed kinds of criticism against the ruling regimes in these countries.
In all cases Mohammed Suharto, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Zain al-Abedin bin Ali, and now Hosni Mubarak lost support of the West as admitted by the deposed Shah of Iran who said at the time that they had been thrown away from the country like rotten rats.
Of course, this strategy should not be mistakenly taken as Washington's intent to amend wrong policies of the past. It is merely moving at the direction of the wind.
The US only sought its own vested interests in a way that it has each time refused to give refuge to the fleeing dictators in fear of being at the point of the people's wrath in those countries. After this period, the US tried to divert the revolution of the masses as it wished and in cased it managed to manipulate the new situation. In Egypt, the US is still following a policy of wait-and-see and it spares no efforts both in Egypt and Tunisia to help see the West-oriented in power. But this is the people who should keep vigilance against the US attempts.
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