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پیر، 7 فروری، 2011

Highhandedness of the Americans

As we go to the press today, the general feeling prevalent among the people of this country that the Americans have not been coopreating, with the Punjab police in the case against Raymond Davis and one of his obseconding accused despite personal requests made so many times to them by the Insprctor general police Punjab.

It is very strange that the Americans have been maintaining double standrd in the matter. It is on recored that the US has in so many cases not granted diplomatic immunity to the foreign diplomats stationed in was hington who were involved in criminal cases and they were tried and convicted by the American courts. Why should then they expect that different yardsticks be applied to their diplomats abroad  if they violate the law of the land where they are posted?

From the press reports it appear that Raymond Davis does not strietly speaking comes within the ambit of diplomatic immunity as its benefit is extended to only those diplomats whose credentials are accepted by the host aountry and who are accredited as diplomats with the foreign ministry of the host country.

There is no gainsying the fact that owing to the loose policy of the government many Americans have been living under fictitious names in this country and are busy in the spying duties which have no relevance with the job of a diplomats. They carry latest automatic weaponry on their person and our police under the express orders of the interior ministry cannot lay their hands on them.

It is about times this preferential treatment being meted out to the Americans in this country was finished. Nobody or they belong to some other country.
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