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بدھ، 9 فروری، 2011

US-Russia disarmament thaw and Israeli nukes

Zionist fascism, supported by US-UK, is in fact worse than nuclear terrorism unleashed by America on Japan during the WW-11. It is time the international community and IAEA first fix the Israeli nukes issue, before they go any further about disarmament or arms reduction gimmicks.

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

Israeli fascism shielded and promoted by the US-UK led Western states is the major terror threat to Mideast and world at large. The Israeli nukes, obtained illegally and kept secretly even without the knowledge of the IAEA are considered by the Christian democracies- or terrocracies as sacred goods. While the US-led UNSC is working over time in stopping Iranian drive towards some nukes to protect the Mideast from rogue elements like Israel, they have not even questioned the legitimacy of nukes in Israel. This makes mockery of disarmament efforts of the world powers exposes hidden facts behind all, possibly fictitious, disarmament moves to fool those nations seeking nuclear capability. While the the UN has been reduced to a forum for arms deals and commission settlements for the middlemen, the UNSC is not at all serious about disarmament because that upset their own nuclear proliferation operations. With both USA and Russia ratifying the the New START treaty a new era of international relations should set in now. At least that is how the terrorized world keeps hoping for. The assumption is if USA and Russia behave well, the global situation would also improve, moving towards tension free and peaceful world. And, when the disarmament is enforced informally, world peace will have every chance to triumph. This belief could be a myth considering the global superiority ambitions of unipolar USA and its resource hunt techniques like GST. US-Russia nuclear arms treaty that went into effect on 5th February, when many Jews are inside the Synagogues trying to shield their illegal nukes, officially limits the number of atomic warheads the former Cold War foes can possess and allows them to inspect arsenals mutually. This agreement is considered a key foreign policy goal of President Barack Obama who displayed his ability to push for a Mideast peace deal by making the Israeli regime to freeze illegal settlements. The treaty was approved by the US Senate in December after Obama pressed strongly for its passage. Russia ratified the deal last month. The 10-year treaty, which can be extended by another five years, went into effect when US Secretary of State Clinton exchanged the ratification papers with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the sidelines of an international security conference in Munich on Feb 5. Madam Hillary said she would also talk with Lavrov about “further arms control issues, including non-strategic and non-deployed nuclear weapons and our ongoing work to revive, strengthen and modernize the regime on conventional forces.” “The treaty that enters into force today will enhance international stability. Lavrov called New START “a product of the understanding that unilateral approaches to security are counterproductive. “The principles of equality, parity, equal and indivisible security form a solid basis for today’s Russian-American interaction in a range of areas,” Lavrov said. He said the treaty is in the national interests of both Russia and the USA. New START is a cornerstone of Obama’s efforts to “reset” US relations with Russia, and Clinton called it a “milestone in our strategic partnership.” Looking ahead, Clinton said the US is in talks with Russia about how the two countries can further work together to address issues that affect their common security, while maintaining strategic stability. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon hailed the treaty’s entering into force as “a historical, political milestone on the road to our ultimate goal: achieving a world free of nuclear weapons.” Suggestions include joint analysis, joint exercises, and sharing of early warning data that could form the basis for a cooperative missile defense system. When it comes to the button that has worried us the most over the years — the one that would unleash nuclear destruction — is still not very far from the terror hands in Moscow and Washington. New START treaty replacing an older version, negotiated last year, limits each side to 1,550 strategic warheads, down from 2,200. It limits the number of deployed strategic launchers and heavy bombers to 700. The pact also re-establishes a monitoring system that ended in December 2009 with the expiration of an earlier arms deal. Russia and the US have the right to conduct onsite inspections beginning 60 days from the agreement going into effect. However, USA and Russia, responsible for global tensions and arms race, are also guilty of shielding an arrogant fascist Israel possessing nukes acquired illegally. Both Russia and the US share responsibility for security in the whole world, including Islamic nations some of which the NATO terror syndicate has occupied with Moscow supporting right from within. Israeli nukes, threatening further the tensed Mideast region, must be accounted for. Israel is guilty of genocides of defenseless Palestinians, illegal occupation, illegal nukes and illegal proliferation of settlements in Palestine. Unless Israel is reined in, no peace is possible anywhere in the world. Zionism is dangerous not only for Arab world, but the entire world. Zionist fascism, supported by US-UK, is in fact worse than nuclear terrorism unleashed by America on Japan during the WW-II. It is time the international community and IAEA first fix the Israeli nukes issue, before they go any further about disarmament or arms reduction gimmicks.
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