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ہفتہ، 19 فروری، 2011

US veto power at the service of the Zionists

Once more the White House flouted the questionable power of veto at the UN Security Council on Friday to kill a resolution drafted against the unabated building of illegal Jewish townships on Palestinian lands, thereby again showing its subservience to the Zionist entity.

The draft of the resolution, which strongly condemned the illegal construction of Jewish townships, had received positive vote from all 14 other members of the UN Security Council, including Britain and France. The US Ambassador to UNSC, Susan Rice, shamelessly called her vetoing of the draft as support for peace, although her move was totally against the will of the entire world community.
This is while any change in the demography of occupied Palestine is illegal as per the charter of the UN Security Council. It is interesting to note that though President Barack Obama had verbally spoken against the building of more Jewish townships, the Oval Office was obviously afraid to take any practical measure as expected by the international community, let alone a token condemnation of the Zionist entity's violation of laws.
Washington's support for the British-planted and US-backed illegal Zionist entity, called Israel, is not a new thing and has a long dark record. Over the past 63 years of the illegal existence of the Zionist entity on Palestine, the US, under different presidents who harp on the issue of human rights but practically do nothing, has vetoed at least 80 resolutions against Israel at the UN Security Council, half of which in relation to the Palestine-Israel conflicts.
In other words, the Security Council has been the scene of various resolutions against Israeli crimes which have never been passed because of US lawlessness. The US has continued to veto drafts against Israel's crimes, without even bothering to study their contents. As it seems, from the US viewpoint, international bodies, including UN Security Council, should not enter into any discussion on Israel's crimes, regardless of who is in power in the White House, whether a Republican or a Democrat. The international community is not allowed to raise the issue of the most terrible threat to peace and security, that is, the Zionist regime. It is a matter of regret that 1.5 million Palestinians are eking out a miserable existence for the almost four years of blockade by Israel, but no voice is heard in this regard especially from the US.
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