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پیر، 14 مارچ، 2011

Terrorism or the game of secret hands

By Shaukat Hayat Buneri

The continuous waves of terror and violence in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have created panic and fear amongst the people of this pure land of brave Pakhtuns and they are in no position to get rid of this tense situation at any cost. The recent bomb blasts and suicide attacks in mosques and funeral, reflect the nefarious designs of those elements that are bent upon eliminating and tarnishing the image of Pakhtun nation. They are actually against our true religion which teaches us the lesson to spread the universal message of peace and unity on the globe. It is also a fact that the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa not only have rendered unprecedented sacrifices for the safety and defence of their motherland but they have also shed their blood to defend the cause of their true religion Islam. But ironically the life and existence of these gallant and brave people have been made miserable by the enemies of Pakhtuns and Islam. They, on one pretext or the other, do not want to see the very existence of the brave Pakhtun nation who are also the real defenders of the true Islam. Every where we see that the lives of the Pakhtun people have been exposed to all kinds of hazards. Particularly the situation of law and order is going from bad to worse and the people’s lives are at stake. Bomb blasts and suicide attacks have become the order of the day and only the innocent and poor people are falling prey to the unabated series of violence and terror. As a result thousands of innocent people have been martyred at the hands of these miscreants. It seems that the people of this pure land of orthodox Muslim Pakhtuns have been the perpetual victims of the negligence and apathy of the secret hands and they are bent upon eliminating them by hook or crook. Many suggestions and solutions are being proposed by different quarters to find out a reasonable solution of the ongoing unrest and turmoil in the whole region. But all of them have not bore any positive result yet. On the one hand Taliban or the religious extremist elements are termed as the sole perpetrators for all this mess, while, on the other, the foreign hands sitting behind the scene are said to be the actual saboteurs. Actually the policy of our lawmakers and those who at the helm of affaires of our state are said to be the actual causes for all this turmoil and wave of violence prevailing in our society. Every where we see that law of jungle is prevailing and the rule of law has become a cry of the past. The rich have become richer and the poor poorer. There is a big gape between the two segments of society. The writ of government is also not visible any where. Merits and the rule of law are being trampled and every one believes in safeguarding and protecting his vested interests. It is also pertinent to note that every time the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in particular had voted for change here and they are no doubt, politically mature people but unfortunately no one has bothered to resolve actual grievances of these people. In the election of 2002, all the people en bloc voted to power MMA to bring change and revolution but the MMA, being the alliance of religious parties did not fulfill all the wishes and demands of their voters and met failure at the end of game. This time, the people of this province voted to bring the secular forces into power but like the past rulers they have also failed to fulfill the wishes and aspirations of the people of this province. Every where we see the people of this land in chains and mental agony. Particularly the poor segment of society is passing through a very serious mental stress and strain and their life have become miserable due to sky rocketing prices , excessive load shedding and worst law and order situation. The educated class of society is also unhappy with the ongoing policy of our law makers. Unemployment and extreme poverty have hit them hard and the youth are going from pillar to post to seek jobs and employments for themselves. Let us join hands together to launch a full scale drive to create awareness among the people to maintain unity and solidarity among their ranks. This is of course the cry of the day. For this purpose peace committees at village level should be formed to convey their message of peace to each and every member of society. The government as well as the community itself must keep a watch on the whereabouts of those people who come from other areas to their locality. As such the government should also expedite its efforts to launch a full scale search operation against those who are illegally living in our land. The ministry of interior and other relevant departments should also make arrangement to streamline the issuance of passport and national identity cards. In this way each and every member of society may be made responsible to play his role in maintaining peace and order in his locality. As such it will also be not out place here to say that the non custom paid vehicles, or the unregistered vehicles with fake documents should also be banned in the country. All the transports and vehicles plying in every nook and corner of the province may be properly registered. For most of the incidents of violence and bomb blasts are carried out with the help of illegal vehicles having forged documents. And last but not the least, the people resolve and commitment is a pre requisite to curb terrorism and extremism on this soil.
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