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ہفتہ، 23 اپریل، 2011

Brutish bullying

This is brutish bullying plain and simple, intended to blackmail and coerce a somewhat defiant Pakistani establishment into total submission to keep playing an obeisant slave to American adventurists as before. What else could it be? As the reports were still making the rounds that army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani had done some tough talking to visiting US top commander Admiral Mike Mullen over the US tirades castigating the Pakistan military of having no clarity in its anti-terrorism war strategy as well as the CIA’s intensified drone incursions, came this deadly North Waziristan drone attack. At least 25 people were killed and dozens wounded. But isn’t it the same way the American adventurists had mocked at ISI chief Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha’s Washington rendezvous with his CIA counterpart Leon Panetta. He reportedly pressed on the CIA chief to drastically drawdown on their incursions in Pakistan’s territory? But he was still on his way back home that the CIA operators pressed the button and killed six people in a drone assault on South Waziristan. And wasn’t it no different when in a horrific drone attack on a tribal jirga in North Waziristan they killed 49 innocent tribesmen, including tribal elders and children just a day after the release of the CIA double-murder mercenary killer contractor Raymond Davis? Even then it was in wide speculation that the CIA had been asked to curtail its drone adventurism on our territory. But aren’t the eminences of our establishment stewing in their own juices, while the heavy price of their foibles and follies is actually being paid by our people with their lives and blood? It is this establishment of ours that for long has let the American adventurists of Uncle Sam to play their vile shenanigans with us, if not collusively, then nonchalantly? Just recall when our military launched a major operation to quell what unquestioningly was an insurrection precipitated by a horde of militants against the Pakistani state in Bajaur tribal agency, very intriguingly the US-led coalition forces in Afghanistan vacated all their border posts in the adjoining areas. And not just mule-loads of weapons and munitions started pouring in at a rush speed in aid of the insurgents from across the border, even fighters in strength sneaked in to fight on their side. And this happened when the reports were afloat all over Afghanistan that huge quantities of war arsenals had inexplicably disappeared from the stores of the Afghan defence ministry as well as the occupying American military’s own armouries. It indeed was America’s own accountability hounds who had stumbled on this unaccountable disappearance of hundreds of thousands of weapons, including sophisticated deadly, and heaps of munitions, and blew the whistle. Yet the Pakistani establishment made no issue of even that military aid flowing in so freely from across the border to help the Bajaur insurrectionists. It studiedly kept quiet as has it resoundingly now over the Thursday’s reported assault of Afghan fighters on an FC post in Lower Dir. According to a contemporary, 30 FC men and 10 policemen as well as four Dir Levies personnel were statedly killed and over two dozens kidnapped. But strange indeed are the ways of the Pakistan establishment. Not even a third-rate establishment of even a banana republic would brook with the humiliations that the American adventurists slap on the Pakistan establishment so arrogantly and haughtily. So emboldened indeed are they that they feel no inhibition or fear in audaciously proclaiming that their CIA has laid out its own spy network in our tribal areas. What? Are we their colony or a vassal state? Panetta reportedly told Pasha that there could be no slowdown in his CIA’s drone incursions because he has as responsibility to protect the American people. Doesn’t Pasha too owe a responsibility to the people of Pakistan to protect them? The establishment may have sold itself cheap to the American lords and may have sold out the nation for a pittance. But our people know of no such bargain. They still keep their dignity, honour and self-respect. The establishment must perform the responsibility it owes to them to protect their lives and preserve their honour, dignity and sovereignty. Or they will take this task in their own hands. In the meantime, the establishment must bring up the officials who have confirmed the Friday’s North Waziristan drone strike before the media to be quizzed on their versions. The joke has gone too far. Enough is enough. The people can have no more of our own establishment’s perfidy too.
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