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پیر، 11 اپریل، 2011

US motives behind Balochistan movement

By Lt Col (R) Zaheerul Hassan

Baloch Society of North America is going to organise a one-day international conference on Balochistan on April 30, in Washington DC. The conference is likely to be chaired by Khan of Kalat. In this regard earlier on January 9, 2011 protest against violation of human rights was staged in front of 10 Downing Street and prayers for independent Balochistan were also held at the Mill-Seed of Abraham Messianic Congregation Church, Pennsylvania, US. Moreover, prior to the visit of PM David Cameron some of the western officials showed concern over violations of human rights in Pakistan. Apparently, there is a realisation amongst Pakistani thinktanks that just after the arrest and exposure of CIA agent Raymond Davis’ activities, Western and US media started throwing slush on Pakistan in the name of human rights violation in Balochistan. In fact, this adventure of maligning and alleging is a conspiracy against Pakistan’s solidarity and also shows the ulterior motives of CIA, MI-6 and RAW’s joint venture. US and Indian joint venture is aiming at (1) supporting rebel Baloch leaders for storming terrorism in Pakistan (2) Incorporating Iranian and Afghan Baloch areas in proposed “Greater Balochistan”, (3) Declaring Pakhtun region as al-Qaeda dominated areas and targeting gas pipeline. Actually, American, Western and Indian media are deliberately playing up with Balochistan region for guarding their strategic interests mainly containing China and capturing CARs’ resources. In this connection US, UK, India, Afghanistan and to some extent Afghanistan directly or indirectly are rendering assistance and platforms to the rebels for launching their nefarious activities in the region. US considers Balochistan as a vital target of her covert strategy of getting control of Asia. After 9/11 she got chance to enter the region for obtaining access in Central Asian Region. As a result War on terror was initiated which is a direct threat to Pakistan’s strategically important Gwadar Port. But unfortunately instead of countering foreign agenda, most of our Sardars, including Akbar Bugti, became party to the anti-Pakistan blocs and started playing in foreign hands. Moreover, rather taking care of their poor people they have also chosen the illegal approach in the name of ‘Independent Balochistan’. However Akbar Bugti was found dead as a result of collapse of the cave, which was under his use as a hideout during armed struggle against forces, Punjabis, government elements and innocent local opponents. According to reliable sources Indian and US authorities have now speeded up their plan to destabilise, disintegrate Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. There are chances that CIA might use Canadian land for facilitating Baloch rebels to carry out nefarious activities against Pakistan. Therefore, Pakistan government should keep its eyes open to meet any potent threat emerging from Canadian land. It is further added that reportedly some anti-Pakistan Baloch elements are planning to celebrate Baloch Day shortly. The purpose of this activity is to project globally and accelerate the Movement of Independent Balochistan. It is also an established fact that Afghan leaders are supporting Indian and US plan because of their puppet status, without realising that Kabul will be the more sufferer in case Indo-US joint venture get some success in establishing “Greater Balochistan”. Overt Indian subversive activities against Pakistan and Iran have been started since long for execution through Afghan territory. Iran should understand that she has a large Baloch population on her border with Pakistan. Therefore, Indian desire of weakening Pakistan by creating independent Balochistan will equally cost heavily to Iran since the map of “Greater Balochistan” includes Sistan province as well. Similarly Afghan area next to Pakistani border would also be part of “Greater Balochistan”. It is worth mentioning that Baloch activists and rebellion leaders are being giving asylum and shelter in US and UK for running Movement of “Greater Balochistan’. Pakistani, Iranian and Afghan leadership must know that American friends of Balochistan (AFB) at National Press Club Washington DC, Selig S Harrison (Dir Centre for International Policy), Andrew Evia, Wendy Johnson , Annie Wocenti, Hyrbyair are CIA planted think tanks who are being properly poisoned and briefed by their masters for propagating “Greater Balochistan concept” with the help of Marri, Mehran Baloch, Ahmed Masti Khan, Munir Mengal, Air Arjmandi and Professor Naela Baloch Qadri (closed confident of Brahmadagh Bugti). It is suggested that Iran and Kabul should evolve some joint mechanism in collaboration with Islamabad to defeat rebellions rather than providing shelter in their territories. Earlier revealed Baloch propagandists while sitting abroad continuously arrange lectures and prepare false reports regarding Baloch IDPs, disappearances and target killing of the masses. According to the credible sources target killing and abduction of innocent people is being carried out by Brahmdagh Bugti and some prominent rebellious leaders of Marri tribes. Since every anti-state activity costs money and “Indian Bunia” being wretchedly miser cannot afford to spend lavishly or bear monetary shocks, therefore anti-Pakistan elements have started a game of kidnapping for ransom. The leaders have suggested to their agents to encourage kidnapping for ransom in Balochistan province. Carefully prepared estimates reveal that during the last year rebels have killed about 120 settlers who were civil servants, shopkeepers, miners. On 21st March, 2011, the militants riding motorbikes sprayed bullets on a camp of construction workers near Gwadar, killing 11; the Baloch Liberation Front claimed responsibility. These terrorists attacked educational intuitions, 22 school teachers, university lecturers and education officials have been assassinated since January 2008, causing another 200 to flee their jobs. In fact, so called leaders (Sardars) never liked the development and welfare of general masses in Balochistan. They always made hue and cry against the presence of security forces in the area. They just blackmail and bluff innocent Baloch and other inhabitants. These rebels and Indian agents are targeting Pakhtuns and Punjabi locals. In short these sardars nurture the desire to keep the Balochs in Stone Age. But on the other hand security forces are doing tremendous job in Balochistan. Recently Pakistan army shifted army camp to Kashmore after declaring their former location (Sui) as Education City. The army has gifted the Balochi brothers a college with other facilities. Similarly Chamalang Education Programme, Balochistan and Gwadar Institutes of Technical Education and Kassa Hills Marble Project coupled with the enhancing recruitment in the Pak Army have left the positive sign in the public. It would be quite encouraging to know that 4000 Balochs were recruited in the army on October 29, 2010. Whereas, so called self-generated Baloch leaders know it, that days are not far off when Baloch masses will throw anti-Pakistan leaders in the sea. The true elite of Balochistan are very patriotic and believe in progress and development of their province while staying in Pakistan. Here, I would like to mention my pleasant experience of dealing with Baloch people. I happened to be in Balochistan for a couple of years due to my job compulsion and enriched with many Baloch friends. I carried out interaction with thousands of locals also. They are really innocent, respectable and loyal people. They even have less knowledge of our religious obligation, poor but off course are brave people. I felt pity on those Baloch Sardars who ruled the province and have eaten away the public money but never cared for the masses. On ground they are just playing with the lives of the people and are main hindrance in the way of development. Few days back a patriotic Baloch leader of Marri dispatched me an “e’mail” which forced me to share it with all patriotic Pakistanis. He disclosed that Baloch rebel leaders from Marri and Bugti tribes are interested in intensifying the struggle for ‘Independent Balochistan”. The Baloch leaders are of the opinion that United States in the past had ignored the issue of Balochistan. They also claim that human rights violations in Balochistan are at peak, both in Pakistan and Iran. In this connection the rebel leaders held a conference which revealed that now USA has shown concern on Balochistan which is a good sign and consider that today, the participants of the conference unanimously agreed that they would have to struggle since nobody would present Independence of Balochistan in a golden tray. Baloch rebels have planned to organise Baloch Army of 20,000 soldiers. The rebels are enrolling 10,000 individuals from each tribe for organising and dividing them into four groups for its smooth functioning. They believe that well maintained, politically conscious and motivated guerilla force can defeat any powerful army in the world. To be Continued ……. (Solution to Baloch problem will be discussed in the next article. The readers may forward their suggestions in the under mentioned “email address”:
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