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پیر، 9 مئی، 2011

The claptrap of Osama’s death

The Osama myth has apparently been exploded by President Obama and has finally been buried in the sea never to be found again. Whether, Obama is elected the second time, is an open question. But, Osama`s annihilation, if at all it was, has once for all, closed the doors for all the next aspirants to the "White House" without a bogeyman. How selfish?

By Ghulam Asghar Khan

The 19th century British writer Lewis Carroll said “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty in rather a scornful tone, “it means that I choose it to mean-neither more nor less.” Washington and the corporate media, which is more of a group of corporate raiders, have used the killing of Osama Bin Laden to launch a strident celebration of US militarism. Missing both from official claims and media commentary, is however, any assessment of the decade-long continuing global “War on Terror” started by GW Bush in September 2001.Mr. Bush was a clever spin master, realising that it would be much more difficult to win the second term in the White House, he master-minded March 2003 invasion of Iraq on frivolous charges of WMDs and eliminated Saddam Hussein in a mock-trial and acclaimed himself as the war president. Despite his war-mongering he couldn’t have won the second term against Al Gore without the help of the most trumpeted US judicial system.President Obama is no different from all the other US presidents who would do anything to win the second round in White House, and the “bete noire” once again was Bin Laden whose alleged summary execution in Pakistan was proclaimed a landmark victory. Nobody, for sure, believes that the man executed in the operation was Bin Laden or a Dummy to hoodwink the US citizens and world at large. The CIA has been the mastermind in all such illegal global dramatic extravaganzas to mesmerise the US citizenry and the corporate rulers. By the time of death on Sunday, however, bin Laden had become largely irrelevant as a seriously sick old man who by all evidence had become incapacitated.Otherwise, the strategic importance of Bin Laden’s oft repeated deaths are generally acknowledged as nil for world peace, especially when he was killed many a time and buried many a time after 9/11. His alleged execution by the US Navy Seals (doubts have already been expressed whether they were Seals or some Blackwater mercenaries) who so clumsily carried out the fake operation. The execution of a dummy had certainly nothing to do with justice as was claimed by Obama and his Secretary of State. It had been decided in advance that he had to be killed under weird circumstances to circumvent any legal complications.As this so often happens in US foreign policy, today’s ally turns into tomorrow’s enemy. The al-Qaeda insurgency sponsored by Washington in Afghanistan to dismantle the Soviet Empire ultimately became hostile to the growing US presence in Afghanistan as an opening to the Central Asian republics, China, Iran, the Mid-East and Saudi Arabia. This hostility became the ultimate end of the closest relationship between Bin Laden and Washington, and Osama was proclaimed as America’s deadliest enemy. The 9/11 events that provided pretext for Bush’s war on terror, to this day, have yet to be seriously investigated and highlighted. What is evident from Washington’s responses to the tragic events of September 11, 2001, could never be deduced from the events logically? Fifteen of the 19 hijackers, like the supposed mastermind Bin Laden, were Saudi Arabian citizens, while none of them came either from Afghanistan or Iraq, both of which were swallowed up in genocidal wars.So long as Bin Laden was based in Afghanistan, the relations between al-Qaeda and the Taliban were always feeble. Isn’t it a fact that Taliban hierarchy indicated that they would surrender Bin Laden ifWashington agreed to provide tangible evidence about his involvement in 9/11 attacks? Why this offer was rejected? At one point Mullah Omer offered to turn Bin Laden over to a neutral country if Washington ceased its bombing of Afghanistan. The Bush administration categorically rejected this offer because it wanted a foothold in Central Asia.After the Tora Bora battle in December 2001, Bush had indicated that he had no particular interest in capturing Bin Laden, acknowledging that the al-Qaeda chief played no particularly important role in terms of the opposition to the US occupation of Afghanistan. However, he was useful alive as a symbol for the US war in general, and, in particular for the release of his fabricated video or audio threats at politically opportune times to sustain Bush’s popularity to win a second term in 2004.The facts on record make it clear that Washington never saw the supposed “global war on terror” as anything more than a useful pretext, and Bin Laden as a convenient bogeyman for marketing what the US administration has come to refer as the “long war” in Central and South Asia and the Persian Gulf.What were the real aims of this war? President Carter’s National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, who engineered the CIA intervention in Afghanistan in 1980s, provided clear insight into US imperialism’s strategic concerns. In his 1997 book “The Grand Chessboard”, Brzezinski described Eurasia as the chessboard on which the struggle for global supremacy would continue to be played. He stressed that with the end of Soviet power in the region, the challenges facing the US were to prevent the emergence of a dominant “Eurasian Power”. Three countries, China, Russia and Iran were seen as the antagonistic regional powers in the present world scenario.The question of Osama being alive or dead becomes irrelevant after his dead body was thrown into the sea by the Seals who carried out the operation or otherwise, where Osama was waiting along with his wife absolutely unarmed for the thugs to come and kill him. Well, it doesn’t get much vaguer than that; or does it? As for verification, the world at large is left with what Washington says, the source of information being little more than gaggle of grannies at the bakery.All these days news is frequently broken as gossip, and mind you the CIA is the master fabricator. The problem is, can anyone seriously believe what the American officials and their embedded media toot or bray, particularly when the source is the CIA?The world at large would never know the truth about Osama’s killing, unless there is some better documented evidence than hearsay or claptrap. The first reports say that he had a Muslim burial at sea followed by the rumours that the Americans still have the frozen body.A photo of Osama’s bloodied face circulated on the internet was a fake. The Osama myth has apparently been exploded by President Obama and has finally been buried in the sea never to be found again. Whether, Obama is elected the second time, is an open question. But, Osama’s annihilation, if at all it was, has once for all, closed the doors for all the next aspirants to the “White House” without a bogeyman. How selfish?
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