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بدھ، 4 مئی، 2011

Suspicious manner of bin Laden’s burial raises questions

It hasn't been a few days since the U.S. purportedly killed Osama bin Laden. Yet, U.S. actions are already arousing suspicion and rightfully so.
The first piece of news that the U.S. government gives about his death is that they have buried him at sea.
Saddam's body was videotaped and detailed videos of the deaths of his sons Uday and Qusay were also provided to the media.
Yet, Osama's body is not shown except for one still that could easily have been a dummy or the body of someone who looks like Osama. The question that one has to ask here is why would the Americans hastily bury his body at sea? They have no qualms of videotaping and distributing footage of dead people. They did it with Saddam and his sons as mentioned above. Then what would possess them to bury bin Laden’s body at sea without taking compelling video footage that would prove his death?
The reason that U.S. authorities have put forth for this odd turn of events is that they wanted to respect Islamic tradition and that Islamic tradition calls for burial within 24 hours. They said that they would have a hard time finding a country that would be willing to bury bin Laden so they decided to bury him at sea in keeping with Islamic tradition. Really? They couldn’t find any country that would be willing to accept his body? Let for a moment accept their explanation. That still doesn’t explain why they didn’t videotape his body or provide more evidence of his death.
That leaves us with an alternative: Osama did not actually die this past Sunday at all. In fact perhaps Osama has been dead a while. The question arises, if this is true then what is the cause for the Americans wanting the world to believe he is dead now? When an event like this occurs that is suspicious one should first look for things that are happening or that could happen that the U.S. government would want to distract everyone from. This means that we should look to see something very momentous occurring within the next 12 to 24 hours that would be appropriately drowned out by the news cycle’s obsessions with Osama bin Laden and his supposed death.
Another possibility is that Osama bin Laden had grown stale as a bogey man and out lasted his propaganda value as someone who could scare the U.S public into submitting to greater restrictions in the name of the “war on terror.” The solution is simple in such cases: kill the original bogey man thereby causing great celebrations and lifting the morale of the American military and public. The next step would be for a major terroristic even to occur somewhere in the world, preferably on American soil and a new, more dynamic and more threatening figure to emerge to take his mantle as the number one terrorist and reason raison d'etre for the continuing “war on terror.”
Or then again, bin Laden really could be dead and have died in the Special Forces operations that took place on Sunday in Abbottabad, 35 miles from Islamabad and a few hundred yards from the top training facility for the Pakistani military. This brings us back to square one: why the heck would they bury his body at sea? Did they not know that this would arouse great suspicion? And secondly, what the heck where the Pakistani government and military thinking? Osama bin Laden was hiding in Abbottabad of all places, an affluent city that is in effect a military garrison.
Many of bin Laden’s neighbours were retired Pakistani generals. If bin Laden was indeed killed in Abbottabad, this has surely got to be a big embarrassment for the Pakistani military and intelligence establishment. To make matters worse, American officials are claiming that they carried out the operation without informing Pakistani officials. So basically, this means that Pakistan has no real sovereignty. U.S. belligerence towards the Pakistanis has gone from drone attacks to outright ground assaults on the Pakistani territory without the knowledge or consent of the Pakistani officials.

(Islam Times)
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