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بدھ، 1 جون، 2011

Slaughter of Afghans

The killing of 18 civilians and 20 policemen through friendly fire the Nato warriors have bagged another 5 girls, 7 boys and 2 women, taking the toll to 52 in less than a week. The latest killing occurred when the Brave marines got scared to death by small-arms fire at their base and called for air support and the helicopter-borne troops obliged by resorting to indiscriminate firing on Afghan houses.American claimed that they came to the region because of Osama bin Laden. Now that he is dead, and the Americans are already negotiating with Taliban, there is absolutely no reason to continue this barbarity. As a matter of fact, the Americans have no intention to leave the region altogether and want to weaken Afghans so much that they would agree to allow Americans to establish huge bases in Afghanistan, which they would subsequently use to dismember and defang nuclear Pakistan as well as to prepare for their ultimate war with China.

NATO-led international forces would become occupation troops if they did not stop nighttime raids that caused civilians casualties, President Hamid Karzai warned on Tuesday. The multinational force killed 14 civilians, including five girls, seven boys and two women, and injured several others three days ago when it bombed houses in the Salam Bazaar area of Nawzad district in southern Helmand province.
At a news conference in Kabul, Karzai once again condemned the bombing raid and warned international servicemembers to end operations that harmed innocent noncombatants. "If foreign troops continue with night raids, they would turn from a counterterrorism force into an occupying force. And history is witness to the fact how Afghans deal with occupation troops," Karzai told reporters.
He added his government would be duty-bound to take effective steps to prevent civilian deaths, an emotive issue for the Afghan nation, if its warnings against "irresponsible" operations continued to be ignored.
Saturday's deadly explosion in Taloqan, the capital of northern Takhar province, was a heartrending incident, the latest in a series of attacks on honest, committed and patriotic figures, the president said.
Commander of 303rd Pamir police zone, and Gen. Mohammad Daud Daud, provincial police chief, Brig. Gen. Shah Jehan Noori, were among the dead. Governor Abdul Jabbar Taqwa and an ISAF commander for northern zone were among 10 others injured.
The president reiterated his administration would no longer allow ISAF aerial bombing of civilian houses. "From this moment, airstrikes on the houses of people are not allowed," he said.
The Afghans could no longer put up with these attacks, he said, adding his government would be forced into taking unilateral action if civilian deaths from air raids continued.

The US- led alliance has failed and in the last 10 years they could not achieve any considerable success in Afghanistan. The security situation is worse than ever before, drug trafficking has touched record levels, civilian casualties have soared in the recent past, and there has been a rise in attacks on US led alliance that has deteriorated security situation in Afghanistan. Now the question arises whether the US- led alliance can achieve what they claim in next four years? Can America and its NATO allies clear 10 years of mess in next four years, such claims are beyond reality.
In reality America and its allies are looking for a respectable way out from the Afghan impasse.
First their military strategy has failed with the  Taliban now calling the shots in Afghanistan. Secondly public opinion in the United States and NATO is widely against the war in Afghanistan. Thirdly the Taliban has clearly conveyed this message that they will never negotiate with the US and its allies. Third the economic recession has also compelled US and Europe to end occupation in Afghanistan and avoid further economic and human losses.
There is no relative peace in Afghanistan. The Taliban are stronger than ever before. The overall safety and security situation is volatile and unstable in Afghanistan. Lack of basic infrastructure, government services and health facilities, a decrease in human resource development, drug trafficking, rising attacks on civilians and the US led alliance and corruption are the main characteristics of today’s Afghanistan.
Insurgency in Afghanistan is gaining momentum, making things worse for the Afghan Government and US- led alliance. From 2001 to 2010 the US- led Alliance has suffered 2,169 casualties. In the last two years more than 7,400 attacks had taken place in Afghanistan resulting in more than 2,400 civilian casualties. Public support of the US war in Afghanistan is also waning in the US, Afghanistan and regional countries. According to a recent CNN poll, only 37% percent of Americans favor the war in Afghanistan, and more than half of Americans believe the war has turned into a Vietnam-like quagmire.
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