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اتوار، 19 فروری، 2012

The Great Game in the Balochistan

 Why this resolution is being made:First,the USA whishes to tackle Iran,and to dismember it. If there isa move for an independent Balochistan, it will have to involve Iranian Balochistan as well. Second, the USA is interested in producing a regional counterweight to China, and thus it wants to help India with its regional agenda. This agenda includs the weakening of Pakistan.


As three Republican panjandrums moved a resolution in the US Congress for self-determination for the Baloch people, the media reported excitedly that our foreign office has promptly rejected the move. So what? Will this rejection preempt the ripple effect of this stark US adventurism that it is bound inexorably to generate internationally as well as here domestically for us to contend with? Already, a clutch of exploitative sardari scions, for quite a time parading cunningly in their havens abroad as the champions of their suppressed and oppressed Baloch serfs and slaves on whose toils and sweat have they flourished phenomenally, are bandying about a Balochistan independence charter that their handlers and financiers have pushed into their hands.
Waving this charter they are moving around frantically, telling tales of injustices to the Baloch people, as if in which they have had no part whereas in reality they have had no lesser part. While on their enslaved Balochs’ hard labours have they been prospering by leaps and bounds throughout, not even a clinic or a school have they built to the wretched humanity living under their thumbs to benefit from. They have been in the governments too, as are they now. Yet even that official position they have verifiably employed for their own good, not for the good of the Baloch commoners whose protectors and defenders they are posing to be so deceitfully now. The usurpers of the Baloch people’s rights, freedoms and liberties have they been and still are.
Predictably, they will now be joined up by the stooges that the American panjandrums and the allies of their elk are sure to set up to further their geopolitical objectives in this country and in this region. And get no surprised either if the Congress-sanctioned monies start pouring into their war chests clandestinely when this US state arm is not unknown for financing ‘dissidents’ and ‘exile groups’ they want to use for perpetuating their objectives in a particular state. But has our official mandarinate to be so naïve or circumspect as has it showing itself to be all through these times?
War games definitely are not played for fun. They are a very serious thing, meant seriously and taken seriously. Yet when not long ago, world maps, showing Pakistan all splintered up into extinction with its Balochistan province together with Iran’s Sistan-Balochistan region becoming a Greater Balochistan, surfaced from American military think tanks, amazingly enough our official hierarchy spurned them dismissively. None out there took them any seriously. And now by speaking of the Baloch people’s dispersal on the territories of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan in their resolution, the three Republicans have though left no doubt about what the ultimate they have in their minds.
But by focusing on our Baloch compatriots they have made it clear what area is of their immediate interest for the fructification of their dream of a Greater Balochistan. And every independent account, this great game of the US strategic map-makers has been for pretty long in full play in our Balochistan province. Dollars in bagfuls have been flowing in to poach on raw Baloch youths and buy up influential loyalties. Weapons and munitions too in quantities have been making surreptitious influx.
Furthermore, foreign and local rights groups as well as a national palmed-off media gentry have been feverishly engaged in projecting the alleged atrocities of the state security agencies on the Baloch people, while simply glossing over no lesser callous killings and maiming of our Baloch compatriots, including chil­dren and women, in the insurgents’ landmines’ and improvis­ed explosive devices’ deadly blasts, the systematic ethnic cleansing of Punjabi settlers and Urdu-speaking migrants as well as the bundling out of the Pakhtuns residents from the Baloch belt.
By every reckoning, a lot of softening up has taken place in Balochistan. And our officialdom certainly knows all this. Yet it is puritanically keeping mum, leaving one wondering what fear is it that is holding it back from speaking out the truths, even as when the national territorial integrity quite perceptibly is at so great a risk. Vaguely, it says the wellsprings of insurgency in Balochistan lie in Afghanistan. But even Mary’s aunt knows all through Bush’s presidency the overlord in Afghanistan was the CIA. Not a leaf on the security plane could flap without its consent.
Even under the Obama administration, this American intelligence agency is quite a potent force in Afghanistan, with its funded- and -trained Afghan spy service, the National Directorate of Security (NDS), acting as its subordinate hatchet worker. And never ever are the NDS spooks shy of publicly bragging of their exploits of infesting the Pakistani territory in Afghanistan’s close proximity. So what does it tell if not that a great game has been going on in our territories, including Balochistan where the Indian intelligence operatives too couldn’t be active from Afghanistan without the CIA’ consent, even its collusion?
But will ever the sleepwalking officialdom of Islamabad and the provincial hierarchy of Quetta wake up and act to counter this ongoing great game that has now been intensified, as is evident from this Congressional venture of the Republican panjandrums? If our agencies are not involved in torture killings or mysterious disappearances, they must tell whose handiwork these are in order to come clean? And will ever the federal and provincial hierarchies rise up to patronise, nourish and promote the Baloch youth, flush with enormous untapped energy, talent and capability? He is the real indomitable bulwark against the ongoing stepped-up demonical great game in the province.

 (Frontier Post)
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