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ہفتہ، 31 مارچ، 2012

Baseless propaganda against Iran

Today, the call for military aggression by Jewish and Western Media against Muslim countries especially Iran, is part of the conspiracy that had been hatched by America after 9/11 incident. Its invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq was the begining of its aggressive designs in our region.

Both United States and Western Media have unleashed propaganda against Iran for having developed nuclear devices, and are making perpetual announcements that Tel Aviv might attack Iran on the pretext that Iran has nuclear weapons. The charge is baseless and frivolous. The fact is that the Zionist Regime having more than 200 atomic bombs at its disposal has undermined the security of the region and dislodged the original inhabitants from their homeland ever since its inception during the last sixty-three years by perpetrating atrocities on Palestinians and pursuing the policy of their genocide. The creation of Israel is, no doubt, illegal and unlawful as she came into existence with the support of America and other western countries. Since then Israel has been killing innocent people of Palestine and involved in acts of aggression against neighboring countries like Lebanon, Egypt and Syria and has always showed utter disregard to UN resolutions to continue with its policy for expansionism. 

Today, the call for military aggression by Jewish and Western Media against Muslim countries especially Iran, is part of the conspiracy that had been hatched by America after 9/11incident. Its invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq was the beginning of its aggressive designs in our region. But gone are the days when colonial powers use to colonize the people of Asia, Africa and Latin America, and they will find resistance everywhere. The changing scenario after resurgence of Islamic movements in the Middle East and North Africa, the people of these countries will not allow the puppets governments of the US and the West to have influence in Muslim countries, and to drive a wedge in their solidarity as they have been doing in the past. Though a few Arab countries express unfounded fears from Iran and play in the hands of the US, but great majority of their people understand the shenanigans and machinations of the US and the West. 

US and the West on one hand are pressurizing Iran into foregoing its right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes, whereas on the other through Indo-US so-called civil-nuclear deal gave non-signatory of NPT - India all the benefits that accrue to a country, which is signatory to Non-Proliferation Treaty. Iran is, indeed, entitled to the right for nuclear research under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, whose signatory it is, but the bigpowers suspect its intentions. It is unfortunate that the US and the West apply double standards, as the nuclear pursuits of the US are not keeping with the principles it pretends to hold dear. In fact, the United States and its allies are following a specific doctrine to create a war-like atmosphere through aggression and lawlessness all over the world, and there is also an apprehension that they might begin war and homicide in the Middle East on one pretext or another. 

But this will be violation of the United Nations’ Charter. The Article 3 Clause 2 of the United Nations’ Charter on International Relations clearly indicates that all its members should resolve their problems peacefully in a way that the international justice and security are not undermined. Although Security Council is authorized to grant permission for use of force against any country deemed to have grossly violated international law but there is not even a single resolution against Iran for want of international security under Chapter VII of the UN Charter. Similarly, Article 4 Clause 2 of UN Charter binds all the member countries to refrain from threat of force or use of force against any country in maintaining international peace and do not apply any method in contradiction with the above Charter, that may affect its sovereignty or political independence. As such innumerable derogatory statements by USA and Zionist leaders against Iran are no less than a threat of war and violation of this Charter and other international laws. In fact, the idea behind such statements is to bring Iran under attack for not giving up its nuclear programme. But it should not happen for any reason, as it is illogical in view of the fact that the decision of the Security Council or last report of I.A.E.A on this particular issue can not be considered as a green signal for such attack. 

When George Bush was President of United States the international community went through an awful experience of holy war where right of pre-emption was legitimized in self-defense, probably, to assert American hegemony all over the world. According to that right a country sensing military aggression from a rival state in near future or having evidence that such aggression could take place, could launch attack even if there was no imminent danger. In 1986 United States exercised similar right against Libya whereas Israel exercised this right during attack on nuclear installations in Iraq. Article 51 reads: “Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security”. 

Since Iran has not attacked any country, the question of justification for any action against Iran from the United Nations does not arise. As a matter of fact, everyone in the region knows that peace, tranquility and friendship are the axis of Iranian foreign and defense policies, more or less, aimed at promoting bilateral relations with other countries through social activities like trade, economic, science, games, culture and exchange of sports and educational delegations at university level. Iran also supports policies that could bring prosperity in the region and promote humanity and mankind in all spheres of life while giving special considerations to Islamic and other ideologies believing that religions and cultures should be discussed in alldebates and discussions more optimistically. And the fact remains that Iran has never attacked any foreign country during the last two centuries. 

The idea behind incessant clamoring for immediate military assault against Iran by Jewish and Western Media is to change public opinion in America and other countries. At the same time, the intention is to motivate leadership in Tel Aviv to carry out such an assault on the basis of concocted stories and false allegations. But people of Iran have in the past frustrated the designs of the super power America, when through an intrigue war was imposed on Iran. Despite sanctions on Iran, America and its allies have not been able to break the resolve of the Iranian government and the people of Iran - who have in the past exhibited the will and determination to safeguard integrity, solidarity and sovereignty of their country. Muslim countries should shun their differences, as the enemies of Islam have used those in the past to the detriment of Ummah. 

By Mohammad Jamil
The writer is Lahore-based senior journalist.

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