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پیر، 19 مارچ، 2012

Fake Currency Racket in India

It is a matter of routine for Indian leadership to accuse Pakistan of any currency and /or fake pasport racket or any act of  terrorism in India whereas it has been proved many a time that invariably every racket or every act of terrorism was committed by India"s homegrown terrorists expect one odd case when a foreigner was accused and arrested.

Recently, the Crime Branch of Delhi police arrested five foreigners including a woman for their alleged involement in printing and supplying fake passports, visas and US dollars. According to police, arround 120 fake passports, 300 visas and 22,000 fake US dollars have been recovered from their possession. The Fake passports of African countries were provided to those whose passports had either been impounded in criminal cases or they had entered India illegally through the neighbouring countries. Last year, the Indian Anti Narcotics Task Force had arrested three persons with 5,000 counterfeit US dollars in Hoshiarpur, and without ascertaining the source Indian Police suspected that the dollars were printed and smuggled in from Pakistan, despitet the fact the persons were residents of district Ferozpur (India). The media report carried the caption " Made in Pakistan dollars seized" which appears to have been given by the Indian agencies to the media in an attempt to defame and implicate Pakistan.

In January, 2012, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) had claimed to to have busted a major Fake Indian currency notes and arrested 14 persons- including leaders of the gang operating out of Malda in West Bengal- during a nationwide swoop. Again fingers were pointed towards Pakistan, and according to media report the accused were found to have direct links with their coordinators in Pakistan where these notes were printed. Four persons including the India Kingpin Morgen Hussain were arrested from Malda while four others were caught in Hyderabad, three in Tamil Nadu and one each in Gulbarga ( Karnataka), Moradabad ( Uttar Pradesh) and Delhi. They were all Indian nationals. and there was no evidence of their contacts with Pakistan. One has to ask the question whether there are no criminals or rackeleers in India, and whether all Indians are saints and angels. It has to be mentioned that those involved in fake Indian currency notes and arrested in Bangladesh in October 2011 were also dubbed as having links with Pakistan.

It is a matter of routine for Indian Leadership to accuse Pakistan of any currency and/or fake passport racket or any act of terrorism in India whereas it has been proved many a time that invariably every racket or every act of terrorism was committed by India"s homegrown terrorists expect one odd case when a foreigner was accused and arrested. All along iIndia had also been officially denying any link of Hindu extremists with the mayhem, death and carrange resulting from the blasts, and instead tried to shift the blame for the heinous crime to the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). But Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Chief, Sawami Aseemanand had confessed before a magistrate that he along with other Hindu activists was involved in the Malegon, Samjhota Express, Ajmer and Macca Masjid bombing. This hadknocked the bottom out of Indian government"s pretence. Indian weekly Tehelka magazine had stated that his confession unraveled the inner workings of the Hindutva terror network.

Nevertheless, Indian media at large continue to malign Pakistan for act of terrorism. The stories of injustice and corruption in India abound. Kaldip Nayar, who is a diehard nationalist in one of his articles published in 2009 captioned "The weaves of India" has been eandid in acknowledging failure of Indian leadership that has strayed from the ideais stated in the constituation. He wrote; "It is time that we looked at ourselves. India is entering the 60th year of its constitution"s initiation whereby the country become a sovereign democratic  republic. All citizens were promised justic, liberty and fraternity. It is a long story of failure in many ways. Criminals constitute  one-fifth of parliament and the state assemblies. One criminal was brought to raling United Progressive Alliance (UPA) facing a no confidence motion. The rules are such that a candidate or an elected member is not disqualified untill he/she is convicted. Corruption knows no bounds and the nexus between politicians and the dishonest is firmer than before".

There are incredible statistics about the so-called shining India and largest democracy of the world. There are approroximately 2 million child sex workers between the age of 5 and 15 years and about 3.3 million between the age of 15 and 18 years. India sex industry the second largest in the world after the philippines. Prostitution is wide spread and recent studies indicate that out  of the estimatted 9 million prostitutes some 30 per cent are children. Human Rights Watch reported that the practic of dedicting  or marrying young girils to Hindu deity or temple as servants of god (devdasis) continue in several southern states including Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, where organizers of the ashram and filthy rich abuse those devdasis. One can conclude from the above details that there is widespread corruption and crime in India; however Indian government deems it convenient to blame Pakistan for all the malaises, acts of terrorism and fake currency rackets in India.

In fact, India is trying to destabilize the countries of the region to extend its hegemony over them, be it Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives and even Pakistan. Pakistan has been pointing out that India through its consulates in Afghanistan is funding extremists and terrorists in Balochistan. And has even links with the terrorists in FATA. But the US and West did not pay any attention to Pakistan"s grievances; but at least once the United States urged India to cooperate with international initiative to check money landering warining  that the "hawala" system of illegal money transfer is directly linked to terrorist fiancing "India should become a party to the UN  conventions against Transnational Organised Crime and Corruption," said the 2009 international Narcotics Control Strategy Report, India should also pass the Prevention of Money Laundering Act amendments in parliament to srtengthen its anti-money (AML/CTF) regime and to work towads full membership in the international Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the report said.

The report added:Historiclly, because of its location between the heroin-producing countries of Golden Triangle  and Golden Crescent, India continues to be a drug-transit country, added, The 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai had intensifed concerns about terrorist financing in India. Pointing out that the Indian government neither regulates hawala dealers nor requirs them to register with the government, the report cited Indian analysts as suggesting "that hawala operators are often protected by politicians and corrupt officials". According to Indian observers, funds transferred through the hawala market are equal to between 30to 40 percent of the formal market. It has been estimated that remittances to India sent through legal and formal channels in 2007-2008 amounted to $42.6 billion. From the above deatails one can conclude that India is self-sufficient in all sort of rackets, acts of terrorism, corruption and other malaises and there is no room for aliens to operate in India.

 Daily NHT
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