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منگل، 13 مارچ، 2012

'Terrifying Massacre' In Kandahar

The US military and its recent examples of shocking disrespect towards Holy books, dead bodies and now, complete disregard for life, will earn its adventures abroad the title of reign of terror, instead of those it was seeking to "liberate" the oppressed from.

AMERICANS have always been quick in labelling others as rogue elements, entities and countries but they conveniently ignore such elements in their own ranks. There have been numerous incidents suggesting presence of rogue elements even in the armed forces of the United States but killing of sixteen villagers including nine women and three children by an American soldier in a tragic and bloody rampage in Afghan province of Kandahar and subsequent burning of bodies is the worst of all.

This is the conduct of those who claim to be leader of the civilized world and champions of human rights. As usual, American President has tried to give solace to the injured Afghans by saying he was ‘deeply saddened’ but it is understood that this phrase would neither bring back the innocent people who fell victim to berserk attitude of an American in uniform nor would it help prevent such gory and loathsome incidents in future. Afghan President Hamid Karzai has long been demanding an end to night time raids by US troops and the abhorring practice of entering into houses of Afghan people at whims but Americans have not paid any heed to his demand. Had they listened to his demand the lives of sixteen innocent people including women and children would have been spared at the hands of trigger happy soldiers. It is all the more unfortunate that the incident happened at a time when Afghans were already agitating desecration of the Holy Qur’an by American/NATO troops, which shows that deliberate attempts are being made to humiliate Afghan people. Apology would not do as it was because of killing of ‘innocent’ people in 9/11 attacks that the United States invaded, destructed and occupied Afghanistan. If killing of American citizens is such a big crime then massacre of innocent Afghans and for that matter people of other nationalities should also be treated a crime of the same nature. We would demand that the killer should be handed over to Afghan authorities so that demands of the justice are met as per traditions of Afghanistan.
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