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جمعرات، 11 اکتوبر، 2012

Malala Yousafzai: Some Lanti People Still Supporting Taliban

 The gruesome killing of innocent people in the name of religion is the worst thing to imagine and absorb. The attack on Malala Yousufzai the fourteen year old prodigy who voiced her concerns regarding girls education in the terror-hit areas of Pakistan has exposed the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) visage of being fundamentally opposed to progress, development and modernisation only to perpetuate their self-styled religious agenda far removed from Islam and its teaching.

So cowardly was this murderous attack on Malala Yousafzai, the illustrious daughter of the nation who has done it tremendously proud with her bravery. Despite grave risks, she has stood by her beliefs unflinchingly. And in spite of her young age, budged has she not even an inch from her noble stance in the face of dire threats of the thugs who have been after her so murderously. An epitome of exceptionally enviable courage and boldness she undoubtedly is. And the shocking assault on her has left the entire nation with a heart-rending grief to nurse along with her loved ones. The accursed thugs have not just attacked her. They have pierced into the heart of this nation.

But with this dastardly attack they have demonstrated yet again how bestial are they innately. Attacking a child, as she is, could be no bravery but an outright cowardice unquestionably. Yet they went to town bragging of it as if they had done some heroic deed, demonstrating thereby palpably that they are not what they feign to be but just vile plain murderers who slaughter even children just for the pleasure of it. At least this savage attack must pull our holy clan of clerical orders out of its own conceit. So loath it is of speaking up against the intrinsic vileness of these terrorists who wear the mask of a deceptive religiosity to perpetrate a thuggery that has no place at all in humanity, and not at all in our noble religion of Islam which abhors the killing of the innocent and the child in any circumstances.

Taliban will find no friends among Pakistanis. For the last few months, they have repeatedly made clear their agenda to challenge the writ of the Pakistani state and target those very assets which are the pride of the Pakistani nation. This is as great a warning as we can receive. The Pakistani government and military, which has absolutely failed to protect its citizens in especially the northern border areas, must now do what taxpayers employ them to do: govern and protect, respectively. How is it possible that a few score can hold a country of 180 million hostage? How is it possible that our children are not safe from such barbarous violence? When will it end and when will Malala be able to go to school without looking over her shoulder, fearing for her life? These questions must be answered and now – lest in a few weeks we forget the price Malala had to pay for voicing her innocent and just claim to an education and a bright  future in the world. Her family have vowed to remain in Swat and continue their struggle. Malala has not yet regained consciousness and well-wishers across the country continue to pray for her health. The least the government can now do is protect her against the future threats which have been so boldly delivered already, even before she was out of the operation theatre after one attack.

It is an attack on the very ideology of this country that never wanted theology to ruin its very essence. When Maulana Sufi along with his group of jihadists in 1990 began establishing a state-within-the-state in the name of Shariah, the threat this posed did not dawn on the authorities responsible for the territorial and constitutional defence of the state. Eventually when the military operation in 2009 was launched, it displaced 2.5 million people, one of the largest internal displacements in recent history. But the offensive did not eliminate the militants; it only forced them to retreat from Swat temporarily. For the last one year, not only has militancy returned to the area, Maulana Fazlullah, who had been considered dead, is found holed up in Afghanistan. Lately we have had a number of attacks in lower and upper Dir on the security forces of Pakistan by the TTP. The government has been unable to fill the political and administrative vacuum and thereby root out the curse of militancy. Now with the attack on Malala, the vengeance of these enemies of Pakistan has come full circle. While we pray for Malala’s full and quick recovery, the government must tighten the noose around the necks of those who have so far been released from the courts because of legal loopholes or intimidation of judges and witnesses, and spared punishment. Also, all those still running around loose and sowing mayhem and chaos through their terrorism must be brought to book in a concerted manner if more Malalas are not to fall victim to their fanaticism.

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