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جمعہ، 12 اکتوبر، 2012

This is not just Malala’s war,

 Tehreek-e- Taliban Pakistan and other organisations like it are going to find tacit support and succour within the community. Their sympathisers and fellow-travellers are all around us, the silent enemies who look the other way, and they are as great a threat as the man with the bombs and guns.
"It is a war between two ideologies, between the light of education and darkness"

The entire nation stands shocked and disgusted by the dastardly attack on the defenceless 14-year old Malala Yousafzai who spoke against the bigoted elements whose agenda is to terrorise society and among other things, deny women the right to an education. Malala, who herself took up the challenge of speaking out in favour of girls like herself, attending school, is fighting for her life as a consequence.

The war has come to us and the casualties are ours, not foreign. In the absence of law and order in these regions and the writ of the state being deliberately and brazenly challenged, we must bring these areas back under state control and implement the laws of Pakistan, not those arbitrarily drawn up by the handful of terrorist elements keeping the population there hostage.

Now, the entire nation is consumed by rage on the one hand, and an earnest wish for the full recovery of Malala Yousafzai on the other. The incident has sparked a countrywide debate about making serious moves to put an end to this scourge. This debate is welcome. Preference goes for a well planned concrete strategy to crush this evil once and for all. The government and the military must cat aside any differences and offer a solution to the Pakistani people, who are tired of this war and now want peace and security to return to Pakistan, by any mean necessary.

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