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ہفتہ، 12 جنوری، 2013

“Drone attack” on our beloved Quaid.

 DO not be deceived by that liar Altaf. Once Quaid made Pakistan, he never used British passport and never went out of Pakistan and lived an died here. Pakistan was inherited from British empire and many rules and practices existed from the colonial era but Quaid was NOT a British subject once Pakistan was created!

What MQM chief Altaf Husain has fired a broadside salvo on no less a person than Quid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah against whose even his detractors could not raise an accusing finger. History bears witness that Jinnah was a tough person to deal with. This amply manifests he was consistent in his stance and made no compromise on his political and even social principles. Altaf promised assaulting Pakistan with a drone attack and he kept it by telling a public meeting in Karachi from London that Jinnah had taken oath of the allegiance of the British Crown while accepting the office of Pakistan’s first governor-general on August 14, 1947. Altaf was trying to draw a parallel between Jinnah’s nationality and his own dual citizenship to escape criticism by the country’s political leadership. But his claim is neither acceptable nor the facts support it. That is why all political parties in Pakistan, even the nationalist leadership, have come out with one voice vehemently condemning Altaf Husain who is certainly distorting history.

While the Quid-i-Azam lived and died in Pakistan, Altaf fled Pakistan in 1992 one month before the security forces launched a major operation to clean Karachi of weapons as the city had virtually been at the mercy of armed gangs. He was then facing 376 criminal cases, including murder. All the cases were withdrawn when Gen Pervez Musharraf promulgated the National Reconciliation Order (NRO) before the 2002 elections. By then he had got the British nationality after his application of political asylum was accepted. His status between the time he fled Pakistan and got the British citizenship certainly cannot be compared with that of the Quid and his comrades.

Altaf’s assertion can also not be endorsed on historical facts basis. How can such a parallel be drawn when there was no Constitution in Pakistan in August 1947 and the only basic law then existing as the 1935 Act? Obviously, Jinnah held a British passport like the entire leadership of the All-India Muslim League and that of the India National Congress. Nelson Mandela also possessed a British passport till South Africa got independence. In fact, Pakistan remained a British dominion till the first constitution was adopted in 1956. If Altaf Husain and his party want to continue in national polity, he should return home, face criminal charges and get a clean chit of his political life from courts. But most probably he will not do this as his party has “advised” him only the other day that he should keep up with his new life in London to dictate his colleagues in the Rabita Committee through a remote control.

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