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ہفتہ، 28 اگست، 2010

Sialkot incident pulls nation head in shame

By Syed Ali Raza Abidi

Thanks to the media, the nation is able to see the brutal culture prevalent in regional society by the revelation of the most disgusting video of the inhuman extra-judicial murder of two brothers in Sialkot. This is not the first time humans were publicly tortured to death in Pakistan. Until now most of us knew of the Taliban style stoning, be-headings, flogging, slashing of body parts, bombings, and public assassination. Well, time has come to realize that it is the tribal cum feudal culture in Pakistan that has brought this country to its knees.
We have read, seen or heard about stories of, rape, karo kari, acid spraying, poisoning, electrocuted, disabled by chopping off organs, feeding the alleged to the dogs, hanging upside down for days, and constantly beaten into confessions inside public and private jails are just some of the examples of the evil present in the sub-continent.
This issue in not Pakistan limited. During the Gujrat riots in India, Muslims students were beaten by mobs, in presence of the law. Similar, incidents happen, in other countries too.
Fake degrees, Airblue, suicide bombings, Karachi killings, and the mighty on going floods, was the reason the Sialkot incident was felt so gravely, which actually forced you to feel the pain the brothers were going through for wrongly being labelled as dacoits and killers, and beaten so mercilessly. I recall the part in the video when the younger brother was already dead, but continued to be hit by rods, stones, logs, and kicks. The older brother still alive for the past 2 hours sustaining the blows had given when the brick was thrown on his face! That was his last twitch.
How can one control emotions when everything around you is just not right?
It must be noted, that many such incidents happen all over Pakistan, where the law is a part of it or a witness to it. This is all because of the serious levels of corruption prevalent especially in Pakistan. The whole system has already collapsed.
Luckily, and after 3 days into the incident, the Chief Justice had to take a Suo-Moto on the act, once the video was played by TV channels. Local administration was activated the next day, and started dismissing and demoting officers left and right. Then on the 5th day arrest of the involved and on the 6th day FIR was registered against 40 or more persons, including 14 Police officers.
Sadly, until I write this only eight have been arrested, and the ones’ who were in custody have escaped.
Question is, if the Media or technology does not capture and release such atrocities in action, the law is not interested in knowing why the incident happened, let alone they were alleged robber?
We don’t know what will happen to the culprits or how the situation will be changed to the benefit of the attackers, but I know the brother had to go through sever pain before seperating their soul from their battered and roped bodies.
Right now, Pakistan needs a Tehreek-e-Insaniyat more than anything else. Please don’t let them get away with this one, and make sure the culprits are brought to justice.
I feel, if the youth of Pakistan do not wake up now, they will continue to torture you and murder you as and when they get the chance!
Pakistan belongs to the youth now, as its their future that is at stake. Hence, it is you who have to make or break Pakistan.


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