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جمعرات، 23 جون، 2011

Hurt it would

The arrest of a serving brigadier for his alleged links with a banned organization Hizbul Tehrir spread like jungle fire not only across the country but the globe because it was quite an usual phenomenon. Though ISPR has confirmed the arrest but no further details were given fearing that it could compromise the going probe into his activities.

The detention of the serving brigadier for alleged links with outlawed Hizbul Tehrir is sure to come as explosive grist to the hostile lobbies frantically out to project maliciously the Pakistani military having been infested with extremists, even though this eccentricity is no particular to this force. It is a worldwide phenomenon. Not even the US military is immune from it. It too has experienced gory incidents of extremism in these very times, in one a serving army officer gunned down his several mates at a military base. Even in neighbouring India, rabid Hindu fanatical outfits have veritably made deep inroads into its services; and a serving military intelligence colonel is implicated in the fatal Samjhota Express train explosions that killed at least 68 passengers, mostly Pakistanis.Yet since international lobbies have singled out Pakistan for demonising on this score, this arrest certainly would hurt this country banefully, as they are going to squeeze it to the lost drop to vilify and defame the Pakistani military, even though untenably. But it should be said, indeed again and again, and repeatedly emphatically and deafeningly, that this country and its polity and its services are picking up the wild oats sowed by the American adventurists to give a bleeding nose to the Soviet invaders in Afghanistan to avenge their Vietnam humiliation. Of course, dictator Ziaul Haq cannot be excused for lending his piggyback to the American adventurists to ride on for their Afghanistan foray in his own bid for earning legitimacy for his illegitimate power usurpation, which in the end threw this unfortunate predominantly-moderate nation in a bottomless pit of extremism, fanaticism and religious stridency irretrievably.But wholly inexcusable and equally, if not more, culpable are the American strategists who germinated the virus of this extremism in their laboratories and injected it in the Muslim fraternity worldwide, though in the Pakistani polity most of all. It was their CIA that in collaboration with certain Arab monarchies and sheikhdoms, embarked on a stupendous project to radicalize the Pakistani polity with zealotry by setting up a chain of madrassas here to produce fanatics in battalions, by patronising certain religious formations of the country, and making of Pakistan the hub of zealots it roped in worldwide to fight America’s proxy war against the Soviets in Afghanistan. Ziaul Haq, desperately hungering for legitimacy, zealously hopped on to the CIA’s bandwagon, adding his own prongs to its extremism-spewing project by catapulting his own spurious religiosity into a state policy to ultimately land this nation in a ravaging fanaticism and extremism, from which it is struggling to get out desperately till date.

  • Pakistan Army is a highly disciplined force and has also a foolproof mechanism to identify anyone that breaches the trust of its leadership and hold him accuntable. Arrest of the Brigadier must convince anyone in the world of Pakistan Army and its leadership's unequivocal resolve to eliminate the menace of terrorism and expose those having any any sort of links with those who are destabilizing the country.

And that struggle of the Pakistani nation is becoming all the more difficult, firstly by the rampant religious profiling of the western polities and states, and secondly by letting loose even known extremist organisations on their own soils, instead of hobbling and leashing them. This atrocious profiling of theirs is spurring a backlash from the Muslim fraternity by way of anger that is leading up to more recruits for extremists and fanatics. And since Pakistan has been turned into their bull’s eye by western religious profilers, this backlash is severer both for the Pakistani state and its predominantly moderate polity. More and more people, particularly the younger generation, are getting radicalized variously. Adding to this nation’s woes are certain quizzical actions of the western states, like Britain’s to let a known extremist organisation like Hizbul Tehrir to keep functioning from its base there without any constraint or hindrance. While the outfit stands outlawed in Pakistan, it operates all free in Britain, where a reformed member of the outfit says it focuses as well on enlisting and indoctrinating the young Pakistani military officers under training in prestigious British Sandhurst military academy to subsequently infest their military formations back home.Whatever it is, the vicious virus of religious extremism and stridency originally vegetated maliciously by CIA has become our Achilles heel and a hurtful albatross round our necks and hence our problem. It has banefully infested every walk of our national life and every segment of our polity. Military is no exception, as its personnel, even if sparingly, have been found involved in violent acts of extremism. We have to get rid of this scourge at any rate. An overall purge is necessarily called for in the greater interest of our polity’s health, stability and cohesion.
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