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بدھ، 29 ستمبر، 2010

CIA-RAW nexus out to malign ISI

Bob Woodward`s book `Obama`s war` part of smear campaign.
Author concocted ISI chief``s confession on Mumbai attacks. 
This is now common knowledge that the infamous American spy outfit Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) carries out overt and covert operations across the world. Its latest target has been Pakistan’s national intelligence agency ISI. In fact, the CIA picked up on the ISI to unleash a smear propaganda trying to malign Pakistan’s premier intelligence agency of being behind the Mumbai attacks. This time, the CIA has used the services of one Bob Woodward who has authored and published a book titled ‘Obama’s war’. The contents of the book, pages after pages, have alleged that the Mumbai attacks were the doing of an ISI-sponsored squad.
It may be recalled that after the 9/11 Twin Towers tragedy, the US Congress approved a bill providing massive funding to the media in the third world countries to project American interests.
Not only this, the author has also created a so-called confession of ISI chief saying: “Less than a month after the Mumbai attacks, Pakistan's spy agency ISI chief Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha had admitted before the CIA that the terror strikes had ISI links but claimed it was not an "authorised" operation, but was carried out by "rogue" elements. Then he proceeded claiming that the CIA later received reliable intelligence that the ISI was directly involved in the training of those who carried out the Mumbai attack. But what has surprised independent observers the most is the fact that whatever he has written in the book remained an exclusive possession of the author and no one ever, at any level, mentioned a word about such a self-created and concocted confession of the ISI chief.
Nor did the American administration ever question the Pakistan government regarding its intelligence agency’s involvement in the tragic Mumbai attacks. These observers are of the candid view that the publication of the book is an outcome of the CIA-RAW nexus because both have the common cause of undermining the ISI. It is with this background that both of them do not spare any opportunity to cast aspersions on the apex Pakistani spy agency.
Americans are bitter against the ISI because their military commander believe that the tough resistance being faced by their forces, including NATO and ISAF forces, in Afghanistan is due to the ISI influence over Taliban and Mujahideen groups holding a vast area in the country’s north. Similarly, the Indian leadership and its spy masters shift the entire blame of their army’s failure to handle the on-going struggle in Indian Occupied Kashmir. To cover up their day to day embarrassments, the Indian commanders also accuse the ISI of what is happening in the Valley.
When The Daily Mail contacted a former chief of the ISI for his comment on Bob Woodward’s book, he said on condition of anonymity: “This is not the first attempt on part of the CIA. In 1989, a conference of the American and European intelligence chiefs hosted by Pentagon and sponsored by the CIA had a single-item agenda, i.e. clip the wings of the ISI before it assumes the characteristics of German Gestapo.”
He said that the Pakistan government should initiate legal proceedings against the author of the book who is guilty of narrating his own imagination as facts in a bid to serve the interests of the CIA and the RAW. “Inaction or indifference on the part of Islamabad would lead people to start believing in what has been written in the book,” he warned.

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