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بدھ, ستمبر 8, 2010

Cricket drama. Conspiracy against Pakistan

British journal campaigned against Pakistan, as has' journalism, it never can be said 'This is something else. If war against Pakistan installments beginning on the next drama to be seen' if it is clear that there was no news. magazine, a broker found both to buy and then make a video 'buying agent in Pakistan through which the players have been charged. This video was developed in which' the only two characters are. has bought a newspaper and a representative agent 'who, unfortunately, Salman Butt was his agent. entered all conversation' mouths were double agents. notes agent exposure is the biggest proof. because such notes in transactions like this are not taken to punish and even ten and twenty twenty-pound note. as if the notes are placed fifty pounds' table if less than a quarter could come in parts. so much Note to view the main purpose was to effect.

News publications and video advertising, after Scotland Yard investigation was started. Is not the purpose of this paper that the result comes out? It is my news from. If investigations revealed the news are denied 'then your news paper presents evidence of truthfulness. According to ICC action lest the news. Police were investigating the magazine encompasses a player and more players fell into allegations. Falsifier reporter knew that Yasir Hameed had repeated the same allegations 'in the general news and rumors are coming' but they could not provide any evidence. yasir things going on hearsay and reproduces. He openly charges anywhere from a party he himself does not. As mentioned deals come 'as it is hearsay. Falsifier her own weakness was also estimated. So a The second tactic has been tried and tried to blackmail that Yasir Hameed, the Approver will be forced.
Yasir Hameed who detail 'he agent of the known method exact. He was asked if he promised sorry witness as' Falsifier the customized statement record establishes the' if only 30 thousand pounds will be British citizenship but it will also be suggested and if he refuses to explain what 'this video will be released' in which it is shown drinking. as if the meeting was made in secret video ' black mailing her recording project was accurate. The video was released 'in the Anglo-camera is placed on a' can not see where the table. Yasir Hameed put the tech sitting in a semi-long state shown is. video to blackmail the other part was made 'wine bottles and glass that truly transparent manner and will be kept in' as that note was taken.But that part of the video were saved for black mailing. Mailer such black 'are ready to watch carefully. Maybe by Yasir Hameed after openly exposed' to blackmail him to run a video for 'which they were shown drinking it. But who can do so much' he Yasir Hameed through agent can show drink. and any other drug to show in Why are not permeated everything. the whole game now seems clear that Pakistan was the target and outside the game of cricket to be news, but they are not supported by agent being brought exist that could be achieved.

The question is why only Pakistan is being built only target? His answer is clear that some forces in Pakistan in any way want to keep the pressure. Accused him in front of global public opinion wants to position. British Prime Minister a few weeks ago which targeted India Pakistan statement was 'aim in this was clearly reflected. Thus the accurate stories of corruption in Pakistan on the occasion when our 2 million civilians were drowned in water' was a campaign that directly support Pakistan should be.Which turned out quite ridiculous result. We were not only deprived of humanitarian assistance has been nothing but 'a big part of the NGOs was. Terrorists around the world before we have to shame. Our emigration the brothers are unsupported by alternative sources is set out effort though. the whole atmosphere in Pakistan was the easiest to target. or Pakistan than in many countries, corruption is found. cricket's biggest gambling centers in India and are Dubai. match-fixing in the world are all these players. The method is certainly different. they take money directly instead of 'do Use your agent and promoter.Most of our players have a background and cultural backwardness not know more tricks. That's why they come in  news producers craft building sits. I agree that Pakistan's cricket board gaming players who will not sentences newcomers to walk on the path to encourage greed. If Kerry Packer in the era of 'making money from the game given the tendency to discourage' do not reach a state of our cricket. our new players, especially sympathy Mohammad Aamir deserves.It is also found them sympathetic. Afridi I would also consider retail craft cunning agent of the network were trapped in shame. However, Mohammad Asif's stories were popular and they already have silver in Dubai. Two things are very important. a scandal that manufacturers have not received any news, but putting money agent developed by the seconds against Pakistan 'not permitted in any sense, and secondly that all charges were also put' them does not prove anything except that some athletes are misguided individuals chose the wrong path. He deserves punishment. the victim of deception 'and they should discount As far as Pakistan is concerned. India 'South Africa and Australia players do something', it is called single action. Our few players doing the same stuff so why not this individual? 
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