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پیر، 6 ستمبر، 2010

Tony Blair Says War on Iran an Option

Former UK prime Minister, under investigation for alleged role leading to Iraqi morass, said he would consider military option against Iran.

Former British Prime Minister, who is under investigation for alleged perjury leading to Iraqi invasion, has voiced support for a self-inflicted attack on Iran to force the oil-rich Middle Eastern nation abandon its now fully developed civilian nuclear program.  
The response by Blair was given at the time when UK like its ally US is deeply mired in an  economic upheaval and mass unemployment unprecedented since the end of WWII. Speaking on ABC Blair said, ‘It is a problem, I don't know. You don't know. You're making a calculation of risk. When you're in the hot seat of decision making you have to decide. Maybe if they got them, they would never use them. But I don't think, if I was a leader today, and certainly, this is the view I took then, I don't think I would take the risk.’   
The former UK prime minister is a staunch neocon ideologue that believes western powers and corporations should rule over the entire affairs of this planet. Neocons were the ones advocating a free raining global financial system that resembled a big casino as they openly encouraged taking financial and political risks prior to the 2008 market crash.
The same neocon ideology nowadays seeks to surround and control Russia’s huge territory with anti-missile systems and military bases through a US-NATO joint initiative. It looks forward to cut off China’s direct access to energy centers around the world, also through military means. US and NATO have stepped up efforts to boost troop presence in the Middle East thus to maintain control over global energy resources. The US also seeks military confrontation against nuclear armed North Korea under various pretexts.  
Blair said if he were still a leader he would try to curb Iran’s nuclear program by military means, although he did not like to see a confrontation with Iran. ‘I don't want to see it, but I'm saying you cannot exclude it because the primary objective has got to be to prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon,’ he said.  
Obama administration and the Israeli regime have been talking over the possibility of attacking Iran, lately. They charge that Iran is hiding a nuclear weapon program under a civilian one. Iran and IAEA inspectors however have confirmed peaceful nature of the country’s nuclear program. Two weeks ago, Russian and Iranian technicians completed installation of 163 nuclear fuel rods inside the core of 1000 MW Bushehr reactor and the plant is due electricity generation within the next sixty days. 

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