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جمعہ، 8 اکتوبر، 2010

Undersides of the Hindu Saffron Terrorism

It is an open secret that Saffron colour – also called “Bhagwa” colour in ordinary languages of India – is an emblem of Hindu religious rituals and for this reason the derivative terrorists’ mafia is known as “Saffron Terrorists” or Bhagwa Terrorists”. Putting to hostage not only India’s peace and security, these “Saffron Militants” will also jeopardize the regional and international peace in the days to come. 

 Asghar Ali Shad, Muhammad Nawaz Khan

WHILE Pakistan is trammeled by the recent blitzes of meandering terrorism; in her immediate neighbourhood, the Indian media coteries are unfolding startling undersides of the assassination plot of India’s Muslim Vice President Dr Mohammad Hamid Ansari, masterminded by the “Saffron” (holy colour of the Hindu religion) terrorists’ covey, but for certain reasons the heinous act fortunately failed to be materialized, at least for once. To the indifferent observers, if any such incident – no doubt how minute would it be – had ever surfaced about our motherland, Pakistan, there would have been a synchronized release of vitriolic stockpiles of Wikileaks’ disclosures by the national and international media establishments. What to speak of the New York Times, the Washington Post and the London School of Economics, even the indigenous media channels of Pakistan remain unraveling such confounded tales that wallop the human senses, but in this case of India all endogenous and exogenous critics are observing perfect silence. 
On going through the current situation, the commentators cited the explicit ultimate acceptance of this bitter reality by the Indian Home Minister Chidambaram on August 25, 2010, whereupon he publicly acknowledged the climaxing Hindu terrorists, urging the State and Government institutions of India to put in efficacious endeavours curbing this burgeoning “Saffron Terrorism”. The Indian Home Minister had acknowledged this eye-opening truth during his address to the joint session of the heads of police and paramilitary forces of all the provinces and federating units. Noticeably, it was not an ordinary occasion but the 45th joint meeting of all the high ups of Indian police held on August 25, 2010, during which the Home Minister categorically employed the term “Saffron Terrorism” for the very first time. 
All impartial commentators opine that one may express sorrow over this revealing and acceptance by the Indian Interior Minister, but in fact nothing surprising really lies therein. In the chain of events, this disclosure of unpalatable fact has fiercely corroded the gratuitous claims of the Indian rulers, projecting themselves as the natural projectors of secularism, moderation and democracy. Otherwise, who else is not aware of this harsh reality that Hindu extremist ideologues have actually been translated into active terrorism for so long? Looking just at a few weeks back around July 17, 2010, the Indian TV channel “Headlines Today” made an explosive revelation highlighting how the Hindu terrorists had almost planned the dexterous plot of assassinating India’s Muslim Vice President Dr Ansari, yet fortunately for some obvious reasons the terrorist elements failed in realizing their scheme. This jolting disclosure of the assassination plot unveiled the horrendous plans of the leaders of Hindu terrorist networks aimed at scragging the Indian Vice President during an event at Jamiayah Milliyah, the University of Delhi. 
Among the associates of this conspiratorial terror ganging, there appear names of the RSS leader Andresh Kumar, BJP leader L. Sharma, a Delhi-based Dr R. P. Singh, and Dr Shru Kantey, head of the Chemistry Department at Poonawadhya College. As supplementary proves, the aforesaid Indian TV channel put on air the audio-video recordings of the conversations of all these terrorists of the assassination plot. Propelled by its magnitude and gravity, this gory revelation initially found extensive coverage in all the English and Hindi print-electronic Indian media, however regrettably their majority counterparts in Pakistan did not find it worth while to lend to it adequate coverage perhaps for some obvious reasons. 
Investigative reporting of the “Headlines Today” unearthed that the identified criminal Andresh Kumar enjoys fraternal terms with Suni Joshi, who had not only installed explosives at the Mecca Mosque in Hyderabad Deccan but also engineered bomb blasts at the holy shrine of Khwaja Ghareen Nawaz Moeen-ud-Din Chishtie in Ajmer Sharif. Moreover, the Maligaoon bomb blasts were also the artifice of these Hindu radicalists, all of whom enjoyed deep intimacy with Lieutenant Colonel Shri Kant Parohat, Major Apadhyia and lady terrorist Parghyia Thakur. It is worth mentioning that Hameenat Kurkurey – the one who was deprived of his life in the Mumbai terrorist strikes on November 26 2008 – was working to uncover the violent activities of these Hindu miscreants before his death. Ostensibly, this security officer of India’s Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) was about to apprehend the masterminds of Hindu terrorist networking, unluckily he himself could not find escape from the ferocious clutches of death. 
Clearly stated, all casualties were exclusively the Muslim-specific actually targeted by the Hindu perpetrators in the bomb blasts killing 17 innocents at the Mecca Mosque in Hyderabad Deccan and claiming 2 lives at the holy shrine of Ajmer Sharif. Undoubtedly, it is equally noticeable that the terrorists’ coveys actually lack real affinity to any religion or ideology, except justifying their satanic acts of atrocity on flimsy pretexts in the name of religion.

It is an open secret that Saffron colour – also called “Bhagwa” colour in ordinary languages of India – is an emblem of Hindu religious rituals and for this reason the derivative terrorists’ mafia is known as “Saffron Terrorists” or Bhagwa Terrorists”. Putting to hostage not only India’s peace and security, these “Saffron Militants” will also jeopardize the regional and international peace in the days to come. To purposefully combat this would-be eventuality durably solidifying the regional-global peace, it is high time for the US and international community to exigently enforce concrete countermeasures for rooting out the Hindu militancy, in addition to, enlisting these terrorists in the same blacklist against whom the Global War on Terror is being waged. On sidelines, probably it is also obligatory on the Pakistani civil society as well as on the modes of mass communication to activate their role in identifying this ballooning threat of Hindu terrorism by ensuring adequate counteracts raising mass awareness among the nation, before that this storm takes the form of Hurricanes wreaking large-scale havoc to the South Asia in particular and the world in general. 
Howsoever, the video aired by the Indian TV channel identified the Indian Muslims intensively conniving for the assassination of the Vice President Dr Hamid Ansari, while BJP leader L. Sharma was shown busy in the intriguing meeting with Colonel Prohat at a temple in Nasik in 2007. Evidentially, it had also been proved that in those days Colonel Prohat was posted to Nasik and from there he had laid down the foundations of the Hindu terrorist outfit “Abhino Bharat”. Even this ugly fact is also unhidden that the notorious Colonel Prohat and Major Apadhyia – the serving officers of the Indian Army – not only supervised the bomb blasts at Maligaoon, Mecca Mosque and the holy shrine of Ajmer Sharif, but also launched heinous terrorist strikes on the Samjhota Express, burning to death over 150 armless Pakistani civilians, parallel to knitting the assassination plot of the Indian Muslim Vice President Dr Hamid Ansari. 
On the face of these gory revealing, if the international public opinion remains unmoved by conspicuously sticking to its traditional style of overlooking the barbaric acts, there certainly leaves no choice for the upholders of global humanity to disown the responsibility of forthcoming reign of terror to be unleashed by the Hindu Saffron perpetrators.

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