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ہفتہ، 4 دسمبر، 2010

Obama appears in Afghanistan to seek 'change'!

US President Barack Obama arrived Friday in Afghanistan on a stealth visit to the occupied Afghanistan, a year after his executive order to dispatch some, 30.000 additional troops to the country.
However, a year after Obama's surge strategy, there is no tangible change or development in Afghanistan's security condition. According to the US security officials, the war-ravaged country's security situation is deteriorating to the extent that according to Pentagon, insecurity has spread to different parts of Afghanistan and that the US-led NATO has failed to attain its objectives. President Obama has come under pressure even from the side of his Democrat companions because of the continuation of this debilitating trend. Thus, the US president's stealth visit to Afghanistan was done at these exigencies to get closely informed of the war. Lately, the US Foreign Relations Council called for a committee to review Washington's war strategy in Afghanistan. Anti-US sentiments are still on the rise across the globe, especially because of human casualties in Afghanistan. Though the US collaborators agreed in Lisbon to hand over security responsibility to Afghan forces by 2014, many political observers believe that the set goal will not be materialized and does not seem feasible. The worsening situation has prompted NATO member countries to seek a way to reduce their presence in the battlefield and finally to pull themselves out of the quagmire created by them. For this, Obama is thinking of a new, practical strategy. But he is now entangled with severe conditions. On one side, Obama's insistence on continuation of the already failed strategy will raise concern and dissatisfaction against the Democrat-led government at the White House and creates a better condition for militants in Afgahnisatn. On the other hand, support for the US-led war in Afghanistan is on the fall and that most of the US accomplices are facing economic crises and cannot cope with the military expenditures abroad, especially in the war that has no positive speculation ahead. Moreover, discontent and fabrication is increasing between Washington and Kabul in a way that Afghan officials are skeptical of the presence of foreigners in their country. Barack Obama appeared in Afghanistan to study the situation and capabilities in close contacts, but experts predict not a better condition for the outcome of the ongoing war, which has inflicted heavy losses on Afghan people.
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