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منگل، 14 دسمبر، 2010

Sindh Home Minister bitterly criticises MQM

Sindh Home Minister Dr Zulifqar Mirza accepting the responsibility for the prevailing condition of Karachi said that other coalition partners of the provincial government, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and the Awami National Party (ANP), should also accept the responsibility, reports SAMAA TV.
While addressing the business community at Karachi Chambers of Commerce on Monday, Mirza bitterly criticised the MQM.
Mirza said that he had the list of 60 target killers, adding that 26 belonged to the biggest political party of the city. "I haven't said that foreign elements are behind such activities. We are responsible for crime and target killings in the city".
The minister also pointed out that the banned organisations are given money by the business community of the city in the name of charity.
"You are … helping them (terrorists) to buy weapons for our destruction," he added.
Mirza further said that the business community of the city could help the police financially.
PPI adds: Mirza said he fully accepts that he has failed to improve law and order situation of Karachi, adding: "But I assure the Karachiites that I am doing 10 times better job than what was done during the tenure of previous governments. I will try my best to bring peace to Karachi."
He said that only he should not be made responsible for the law and order situation in Karachi but other ruling coalition parties in Sindh are equally responsible in this regard. 
He said the deteriorating law and order situation of Karachi is due to political greed of various stakeholders of Karachi.
Mirza said that during a meeting a few days ago, he had requested Governor Dr Ishrat-ul-Ibad to have mercy on people of Karachi. He said Dr Imran Farooq was murdered in London but buses of Pakhtuns were burnt in Karachi. He said he asks whether Asfandyar Wali had killed Dr Imran Farooq?
The home minister said when killers have to kill any Pakhtun, Sindhi, Punjabi or Baloch in Karachi they very carefully plan and execute it. He said killers should think about the day when the victimised communities go after a tit-for-tat policy.
He said if this happened many innocent Urdu-speaking people might be killed in the mega city.
Dr Mirza said that crime has become an industry in Karachi. He alleged that the previous governments used to sell police stations for Rs5 million each.
He said if a Station House Officer (SHO) pays Rs5 million then he would recover the amount through bribery and corruption.
He alleged that business community and their associations directly and indirectly pay extortion to certain political parties.
"Would these people pay Zakat to Taliban who are destroying the country?" He said when business community pays money to political parties at gunpoint then other groups will also demand the same, and kill and kidnap traders if they refuse to pay extortion.
He urged the business community to make pledge that they will not pay extortion to political parties. He said "I assure them that I will give them complete peace and security".
Mirza said that when he talks about de-weaponisation of Karachi, his opponents accuse him of patronising the Lyari gangsters and People's Amn Committee and demand his resignation.
He said I am only affiliated to the Pakistan People's Party and relate to any party or group in Karachi, Hyderabad or Badin.
He said that everyone knows who killed Rehman Dakait. He said we protected the people of Karachi from this man. He said Rehman Dakait had been arrested in the tenures of previous governments but he had always managed to escape after giving bribes of millions of rupees.
Referring to the release of a businessman of Karachi from Taliban, he disclosed that he himself played a role for his freedom.
He rejected the figures regarding rise in crime in Karachi and claimed that he instead had decreased crime in Karachi by 40 percent.
He said "we have arrested criminals from Lyari and people belonging to MQM are also among the arrested criminals as well".
He appealed to business community not to give donations to Taliban and political parties and instead help Karachi police which is suffering from lack of funds.

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has decided to move President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani over the provocative speech of Sindh Home Minister Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza, Geo News reported.

In the emergency meetings convened at MQM’s London and Karachi offices, the members of party’s coordination committee discussed the consequences and the distortion to the reputation of their party following the aggressive speech of Sindh Home Minister.

The meeting reached a consensus that a representative delegation of MQM would meet President Asif Ali Zardar and Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani after Ashura, Muharram 10.

The delegation would present duo a video recording of the aggressive speech of Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza, in which, he blamed MQM as the major party involved in target killings in metropolis.

In a statement issued after the meeting, MQM said that at a time when the party is making every possible effort to keep the religious harmony and peace intact in Karachi ahead of 10th Muharram, a provocative speech from Sindh Home Minister was not only a ‘concerned’ for MQM but also ‘meaningful’.

Also, the meeting appealed to President and PM to take a strict notice of the allegations from Mirza and seek explanation from him, the statement said.

Meeting also directed MQM’s activists to turn a dead year to aggression from Home Minister and remain engaged in maintenance of peace and religious brotherhood in Karachi, the statement concluded.
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