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جمعہ، 3 دسمبر، 2010

Who are playing with Balochistan?

India has established nine training camps along the Afghan border, where training members of the Balochistan Liberation Army ( BLA), and the UAE was supporting the insurgency in opposition to the construction of Gwadar port.

India, Russia, UAE support Baloch insurgency

India, Russia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are involved in the insurgency in Balochistan, revealed a new WikiLeaks cable release.

According to the cable, India has established nine training camps along the Afghan border, where they were training members of the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), and the UAE was supporting the insurgency in opposition to the construction of Gwadar port

A cable sent from the United States Embassy in Islamabad revealed that Director General (DG) Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Lieutenant General Ahmad Shuja Pasha had given a briefing during a closed session of the parliament.

The cable reads: that Pasha’s briefing consisted in large part of videos and photos of Taliban and other terrorist organization activities that demonstrated the militants were both inhumane and un-Islamic.

At several points, certain female parliamentarians asked the Army to stop showing disturbing footage, including a gory beheading. Members were told that India has established nine training camps along the Afghan border, where they are training members of the Baloch Liberation Army. According to sources, Pasha also claimed that India and the UAE (reportedly due to opposition to construction of the Gwadar port) were funding and arming the Baloch. Pasha also claimed that the Russian government was directly involved in funding/training/supporting the insurgency.

An unnamed parliamentarian had spoken to US Ambassador Anne Patterson about the briefing.

The briefing by DG ISI was given from October 8 to 9 in 2008, during a closed joint session summoned by President Asif Ali Zardari to address the security situation in the country. The Qustion & Answer session, which was originally scheduled for 30 minutes, lasted four hours___________________________________________________

By Hamid Waheed

THE Political leadership seems to be rightly focused on most vital issue being faced by Pakistan, cohesion amongst its federating units. Balochistan has assumed multidimensional importance on national as well as international forums. Aghaz Haqook-e-Balochistan to address Political, economic and social deprivation of Balochis is a step in same direction.
Balochistan in its vast area, full of natural resources holds treasures of hidden secrets, the hidden hands of the friends and foe. Latest trends of flowery words, moulding ideas, building perceptions, media handling and cyber net management has played a dominant role in turning friends to look foe and vice versa. Why all this with Balochistan only? The answer lies in vested interest of regional and global powers due to its geographical location. Whereas having national interest and pursuing it with government of Pakistan, like Gwadar port is a win-win situation for both nations. The covert hands supporting Militancy, from within and through safe havens provided to the militants in different countries is an unfriendly behaviours leading to destabilization of Pakistan. It is not a secret now that of Government of Balochistan in exile (GOB Exile) established by militants in April 2005 has it’s headquarter in Jerusalem as is evident from the website anyone can go and have a look. Very interestingly Balochistan Legal fund (BLF) has address originating from Washington DC. The ban on jihadi organizations and their assets freezing is common international phenomena but such support originating from Washington? 

Activities of Mir Suleiman, Khan of Kalat operating from U.K, holding international rallies and submitting letter to 10, Downing Street projecting forcible annexation of Balochistan by Pakistan? What amazes one is presence and involvement of Indian Consulates in Afghanistan bordering Balochistan along illegal arms supply route, arrest of Gazin Marri in Dubai in March 2006 for channelling funds to BLA from Dubai, and arrest and release of Harbayar Marri in UK, leaves many unanswered question. 
Murder of Nawab Bugti and Military operation in Balochistan is yet another friend foe story. Why should Military operate against wishes and interest of government of Pakistan? How many of us know of Military contribution for a common Baloch who has not been able to rescue himself from Feudal Clutches. To my surprise working on my research paper a student gave me these details regarding Pak Army contributions for Balochis. Chamalong coal mine were closed in 1980s after a clash between Marri and Luni tribe. 
Military efforts for reconciliation succeeded in Dec 2006 and later land mines were lifted by Pakistan Army to clear area. What Baloch of the area got through Pak Army is, a free education scholarship for 2000 students, about two thousand Baloch men got employment in Chamalong Guard and the area got uplift package worth 1.5 crore packed with necessary humanitarian aid. Balochistan Institute for Technical Education was established in February 2006 by Pak Army with a determination to edify the Baloch Youth and as of today two batches have passed out. What common Baloch got is over 650 competent Balochis in 13 discipline including 165 females.
Top 246 students have been adjusted in jobs at different government sectors. Not to forget is increase in quota for Balochis in Military Services, Dera Bugti Development Project, Coastal Highway Project, Balochistan Public School at Sui with boarding facility and number of schools established by FC imparting education to about 5000 Balochi children are just a drop in the ocean being offered by Military for Balochistan in the last 2 years. On the instruction of Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, young recruits of Balochistan were given special leniency, recently 4000 thousand Baloch cadets passed out and are appointed in different areas of Balochistan. 

What wonders me is why the army is sleeping and not projecting its sincere efforts for common Balochi. Are they too simplistic or they have no knowledge of perception management. The efforts of new political setup are all excellent measures but hopefully will take into consideration and reinforce the common Baloch agenda already in ruin for the last 60 years and will not only find solutions to support feudal culture. The political strategy must take the tactical efforts into consideration rather guide them towards a grand strategy which is either missing or is not visible. 
The international community owes an answer to Pakistan as to why some dissidents like Bramdah Bugti have been given sanctuary in Afghanistan who is frequent visitor to India supposedly on Indian passport? It’s a known secret that.
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