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ہفتہ، 15 جنوری، 2011

An aspect of Israeli expansionism

The result is the terror occupation of Ialamic nations, murder of Muslims by the enemies with tacit support from some stupid Muslims. That is indeed the prime tragedy of global Muslims. This also the prime reason for the continued US drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

By Dr Abdul Rauff

Maybe it is merely a historical coincidence, but the common element in Zionism, Indianism (Hindutvaism) and Westernism is anti-Islamism and genocides of Muslims in Muslim world. Even though GST nations led by US-UK terror twins try to overtake both Israel and India in massacre records of Muslims, Zionism does not let them belittle Israeli terror operations in Palestine in any way and keeps murdering Palestinians on similar fictitious pretexts. Global media, run with cash earned through illegal and immoral means, promote state terror operations for murdering Muslims, still harp on Islamophobia and Osamaphobia to support terror occupation of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, while arms manufacturers in USA push for a quick terror attack on Islamic Iran.

Shielded by the USA, UK and other global state terrorist nations, Israel continues with its expansionist policy and has successfully converted Palestine lands into its illegal settlements to accommodate foreign Jews. This expansion of settlements takes place alongside genocides of defenseless Palestinians for years now, reducing the Palestinian population with a view to disallowing any chance for any future violent or non-violent struggle for an independent Palestine state. Israel has a point to make to GST leader the USA that Zionism is aiding the US efforts to reduce the Islamic populations by rigorous genocides and seeks extra terror goods for more terror operations. .

It looks not every Jew is insane and some of them do think positively in favor of humanity. As a positive development on the impending issue of Palestine state establishment, over 150 Israeli academics have signed a petition on 09 Jan calling for an academic boycott of Ariel University Center, which is located in a West Bank settlement. The signatories said that Ariel was an illegal settlement whose existence contravenes international law and the Geneva Convention.

The signatories include Israel Prize laureates Professors Yehoshua Kolodny of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Benjamin Isaac of Tel Aviv University and Itamar Procaccia of the Weizmann Institute of Science. These academics from a variety of fields and from all the institutions of higher learning in Israel, herein express publicly our opposition to the continued occupation and the establishment of settlement.

These academicians will refuse to participate in any functions, conferences or symposiums held at Ariel University. “Ariel is not part of the sovereign state of Israel, and therefore it is impossible to require us to appear there. Like many other illegal Jewish settlements, Ariel was built by Zionist regime on occupied land. Only a few kilometers away from flourishing Ariel, Palestinians live in villages and refugee camps under unbearably harsh conditions and without basic human rights. Not only do they not have access to higher education, some do not even have running water. These are two different realities that create a policy of apartheid.

Originally, many structures were created to control the Palestinians who seek freedom and independent nation free form Zionist crimes. Ariel was established for the sole purpose of preventing the Palestinians from creating an independent state and thus preventing us, the citizens of Israel, from having the chance to ever live in peace in this region. The issue of settlements is one of the thorniest issues that stall the resumption of peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel. Israeli terror PM Benjamin Netanyahu has said on several occasions that Ariel would not be detached from Israel under any circumstances. Israel has long been claiming that major settlement blocs in the West Bank would remain under Israeli control under any possible peace agreement with the Palestinians.

Given the explosive nature of the situation, Israeli regime is trying all out efforts to keep other academics under their control and say bulk of the lecturers is behind the atrocious regime promoting illegal settlement proliferation. Meanwhile, Israeli bulldozers have demolished part of a hotel in East Jerusalem to make way for 20 homes for illegal Jewish settlers, considered illegal under international law. The Shepherd Hotel was built in the 1930s and was once home to Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who became an ally of Adolf Hitler in World War II. Its current ownership is disputed - Israel says it belongs to a Jewish-American property developer but Palestinians say it was seized illegally after Israel occupied East Jerusalem in 1967. PLO reminded Israel that the occupier has no right to build in any part of East Jerusalem, or any part of the Palestinian land occupied in 1967.

The Palestinian government said Israel was destroying any chance of returning to peace.. Illegal Israeli officials said the demolition had been carried out legally and defended its decision. Israel says it has every right to build homes in any part of the city, in fact anywhere in Palestine. The destruction of the Shepherd Hotel has angered Palestinians, who want East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state. Attempts by the US to revive peace negotiations stalled last year, after Israel refused to end settlement building on occupied Palestinian land. The US called the demolition a “disturbing development.” US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the demolition “undermines peace efforts to achieve the two state-solution. In particular, this move contradicts the logic of a reasonable and necessary agreement between the parties on the status of Jerusalem. Adnan al-Husseini, Palestinian governor of Jerusalem, said it was the latest in a line of demolitions of historic buildings and accused Israel of “trying to erase any Palestinian identity” from the city.

Israel does not seek to make peace with the Arabs earnestly and therefore creates obstacles for the peace “talks” even at the expanse of damaging “historic: terror ties with the only super power USA. Israel seeks to rope as many Arab nations as possible, mainly the Saudi Kingdom by skillfully raking up the Iranian nuclear issue and prolong the illegal occupation and terror genocides in Palestine. Israel has the historic records of Islamic world that Muslims and their nations lack the capacity for united action against any evil and Israel and its illegal regime can survive for years without opposition form Arab world. Since many nations are the customers of Israeli terror goods, Tel-Aviv employs diplomatic strings to make the bulk of nations anti-Islamic or at least unconcerned about Zionist massacres and the GST trends help Israel stay unhurt - just like what India has been doing. When enemy pretends to a friend, weak nations go destabilized. Unfortunately, their traditional ignorance and incompetence prevent Muslim nations from comprehending the hidden agendas of the enemies of Islam. The result is the terror occupation of Islamic nations, murder of Muslims by the enemies with tacit support from some stupid Muslims. That is indeed the prime tragedy of global Muslims. This also the prime reason for the continued US drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
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