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اتوار، 9 جنوری، 2011

US arrogantly justifies meddling in Pakistan

US Ambassador to Pakistan, Cameron Munter, has tried to justify Washington's meddling in Islamabad's financial, administrative and other affairs, because it is the largest aid provider to that country, which is the target of US state terrorism almost daily as is evident by the drone attacks on civilians in Waziristan. In his address to a seminar in the Pakistani capital titled "Islamabad Programme in Global Studies", he bluntly said in a tone of arrogance that since the US is the largest donor to Pakistan it is justified in its interference. US meddling in Pakistan are an open secret. The supposedly classified documents recently released by WikiLeaks have further exposed the extent of US involvement in Pakistan’s domestic affairs. Munter’s blunt and arrogant justification of US meddling took many by surprise because they least expected an ambassador to be so undiplomatic in openly admitting Washington's roguish policies. According to observers, Munter's arrogance is indicative of the depth of discord in relationship between the two countries, where despite the government's subservience to the US, the people are strongly against Washington. To the further humiliation of the Pakistani government, the US ambassador said Washington wouldn’t be changing its high-handed approach towards Islamabad. Munter said the US was asking the Pakistani government to implement economic and regulatory policies that are clearly in favour of Washington. He also used threatening words against the government of Pakistan publicly in the Islamabad seminar to the further embarrassment of government. This comes after US State Secretary Hillary Clinton's similar meddling remarks that call on Pakistan to end fuel price increase.
Undoubtedly, the laxity of Pakistani authorities towards Clinton's interference in the country's internal affairs emboldened the US ambassador in Islamabad to utter more blunt and arrogant remarks against the government and people of Pakistan in the Pakistani capital itself. This is while, political and religious figures along with the people in Pakistan have in different rallies expressed disgust toward their country's kowtowing to the US, and have demanded the cutting of the hands of Uncle Sam from meddling in Islamabad's internal affairs. Political observers believe that the US which continues its state terrorism in Pakistan through drone attacks on defenceless men, women and children, is trying to expand its intervention for complete domination of the country. To add insult to injury, US Vice President Joe Biden is expected in Islamabad in the next few days to dictate new US plans to Pakistan. In view of this humiliation at the hands of Washington, Pakistan's media and political circles are calling for expansion of cooperation with regional countries in order to protect the country's independence and national sovereignty.
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