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بدھ، 9 فروری، 2011

Pakistanis stress punishment of criminal US diplomat

While the people of Pakistan have stressed the trial and punishment of Raymond Davis, the criminal employee of the US consulate in Lahore, the United States is seeking to release him through increasing pressures on Pakistan government.

The trip of US delegations to Pakistan and the US officials' warnings on cutting financial aids as well as halting diplomatic talks between the two countries and the release of the threatening statement of US embassy in Islamabad have been carried out in this line. Although, the Pakistani government has so far resisted against the US pressures for Raymond's release, the Pakistani government's likely bowing to the illegal US demand has concerned the Pakistani community, because the US is seeking to force the Pakistani government to kowtow to its demand through escalalting the country's economic problems. In view of this, a delegation consisting from the US congressmen in a meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Yusef Reza Gilani and several other senior officials called for the release of the US diplomat who has been accused of murder by threatening and warning.
Raymond Davis was arrested some two weeks ago when he shot dead two Pakistani motorcycle bikers in Lahore. The US officials claim that Davis is a diplomat while they have not been able to present any evidence to prove the claim. Moreover, Pakistani media has resorted to disclosures in this regard which confirm that he is not a diplomat.
Meanwhile, the deputy secretary general of Pakistani Islamic Jama'a, Farid Hamad Paracheh disclosed that Raymond Davis is a Zionist spy who has entered Pakistan with fake passport and has killed two Pakistani citizens. The Unites States is trying to increase its efforts to release him while the driver of Raymond Davis who was trying to escape from the scene ran over several pedestrians as a result of which six people including several students were injured one of whom died later as a result of severe injuries.
The issue has provoked the Pakestani people's hatred and anger over the US more than ever and the US efforts for releasing Davis is considered Washington's public support for terrorism. Thus, the Pakistanis by holding demonstrations have called for the punishment of Davis and warned of his extradition to America.

 THE death of Shumaila Kanwal, widow of Faheem who was brutally murdered in broad daylight by Raymond Davis, is a stark reminder about dispensation of justice in this country and how vulnerable have we become because of our spineless leadership. Shumaila committed suicide in frustration apprehending that the killer of her husband would be set free and she would not get justice.

Protest demonstrations held in Faisalabad, Lahore and other parts of the country on Monday, when Shumaila was being laid to rest, depicted anger and resentment of the people and the situation would surely aggravate more if the Government ultimately succumbed to the increasing pressure from the United States for release of the murderer. There is a strong feeling that previously Americans were killing Pakistanis in drone attacks and now their agents have got licence to kill people on any street and road of the country and go scot-free. One can imagine the state of mind of the lady whose husband has been shot dead cruelly and to add salt to the injuries it is propagated that the man was a dacoit poised to loot the American. And it is the height of injustice and apathy that despite availability of concrete evidence that Raymond Davis committed double murder deliberately and not in self-defence as was claimed initially, attempts are being made not only by Americans but their cronies in Pakistan administration to present things in a manner that minimize the severity of the tragic incident, paving the way for ultimate release of the killer. The pressure tactics being applied by the United States to get him released are adding to the prevailing hate for the country that indulges in all sorts of humiliating actions against a country that is otherwise described as closest of allies and a frontline State in the war against terror. We believe that the Government should not, in any case, submit to American pressure even if it means suspension of aid, as no Pakistani worth the name would welcome assistance that comes at such a degrading cost. The United States claims to be champion of human rights and rule of law but strangely enough it is not allowing the same principles to be upheld in Pakistan for its citizen who killed two people without any justification. Why not to allow the law to take its own course? In a way Raymond Davis is also responsible for the death of Shumaila and if the United States and Pakistani authorities colluded in the release of the culprit then they would be in for more loss than benefit, if any.
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