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بدھ، 9 فروری، 2011

Former US defense secretary boasts of crimes in Iraq

Architect of the American invasion and occupation of Iraq that left so 1.3 million people and eroded whatever credibility the US claimed to possess, is trying to point the blame finger at his boss, former President George W. Bush, for failures of the war.

Former Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld in his new book also accuses the then Secretary of State Colin Powell and National Security advisor Condoleezza Rice with inexperience in management and war.
He also criticizes Bush for not letting a US military strike on a suspected chemical weapons site in northern Iraq in 2003, and that he wanted the attack timed to coincide with then Secretary of State Colin Powell's address to the UN Security Council making the case for war.
In his memoir, "Known and Unknown," Rumsfeld wrote that the Joint Chiefs supported a strike, based on what he called extensive but not conclusive CIA evidence that the site housed an underground facility for testing chemical weapons.
The pre-war attack never happened, although the site was struck in the opening days of the war that President George W. Bush launched in March 2003, about six weeks after Powell's UN speech. The US never found substantial evidence of an active Iraqi program to produce weapons of mass destruction, but still Rumsfeld insisted that the site near the Iranian border presented the best chance to prove they existed before the war began.
As per documents released by the US administration, the former US Secretary of State and the Vice President Dick Cheney were the key planners of the war on Iraq. They had insisted on the occupation of Iraq even before the American military assault on Afghanistan.
In an interview with ABC on his memoir, Rumsfeld admitted mistakes on the alleged existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; however, he remained stubborn to defend what he referred to as 'convincing' reports in this regard. The administration at the time said that only Pentagon's intelligence had pressed on the issue of such deadly weapons. This is while, Rumsfeld admitted that the entire US intelligence community, including CIA, has approved reports on existence of WMD.
As of September 11, 2001 until March 2003, in which the US began strikes on Iraq, the Pentagon office for special plans submits fake news accumulated as per the scenario.
Thus the wrong war on the wrong information led to the killing of more than 4500 American soldiers and at least one million Iraqis. The War also inflicted a heavy burden of 700 billion dollars on the US tax payers.
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