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اتوار، 13 فروری، 2011

Raymond Davis criminal employee of infamous Blackwater

Davis is certainly a member of infamous Blackwater or a CIA agent who had been frequently visiting Pakistan illegally under a fake name, address and designation. It has now been ascertained that he runs a small private security company in Las Vegas in Colorado.As such he has nothing to do with diplomatic circle. Considering the objectionable weapon, specialized ammunition and equipment that was recovered from his vehicle which had a fake number plate and precision with which he shot and killed the two moving motorcylists from inside his moving car is a clear indication that he is a well trained marksman and adept in terrorism. One deceased had four bullet holes in his body and the other had three. Davis is also indirectly responsible for the death of Ubaid and Shimaila.

By Ali Ashraf Khan

The Pakistani public is upset about the Lahore incident in which an American Raymond Davis’ whose actual name is yet not confirmed attached to the US Consulate in Lahore behaving like a barbarian without any civilization but armed with guns, mask and photography equipment murdered two Pakistani youth in broad daylight while his rescuers rushing to the scene killed a third one by crushing him to death with their vehicle. Now there is a stand-off prevailing between the US embassy who is defending their murderous citizens and the Pakistani state who actually would not have cared so much for the lives of three young Pakistanis – they don’t do that in so many other cases in Karachi, Peshawar or Balochistan – but for the public rage which in the light of the happenings in Tunisia and Egypt might take a turn against them in Pakistan also. The cases of killing of former governor of Punjab and its aftermath have already highlighted the substantial divide between the people of Pakistan and their government because people fail to understand why our leaders become spineless before Americans who consider Pakistanis as their slaves.

Actually what has happened should not be a matter of surprise at all, Pakistani governments at all times feeling insecure and in need of assistance for one reason or the other saw their so called support coming from the US which has resulted in a submission and sell-out of Pakistani Sovereignty and national interests to the US starting from the fifties and reaching a height under Ziaul Haq. This situation has been topped by the decision of General Musharraf in 2001 to finally give up any claim of independence by joining the US war ‘against terror’ unconditionally, by allowing US troops into Pakistan, by ceding airports and airspace to them, by allowing drone attacks upon Pakistani population and allowing private security agencies from the US to settle down behind Islamabad and ‘train Pakistani security forces’ as it is officially called and under this cover perhaps recruit civilians and go around spying out Pakistani nuclear and military installations, a link of which is reported to have been unearthed during investigation and examination of recovered material used in Lahore incident.

The current government has not only perpetuated this policy of the previous one but has topped it by actually allowing any amount of visas being issued to Americans uncontrolled without authentication or clearance, which resulted in US secret service and security firms making their head quarter in Pakistan while claiming to be attached to the embassy staff entitled to ‘diplomatic status’. For the last two or so years they are moving around as if at home or even worse, as if in their colony, because they would have never behaved like this at home in New York as what they did in Lahore.

This situation has strengthened the anti-American feelings of the broad population who better than their rulers understand the real character of this occupational force and it has invited a hoist of terrorist attacks including the attack on the Marriott in Islamabad and then on Mosques and Moharam processions in Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi and elsewhere killing dozens of innocent people. One thing is strange that so far no wine shop, club or similar spot has come under attack.

They do better understand the nefarious character of US presence because their sight is not darkened by the money which the US is giving to Pakistan as a token for all this freedom to go on rampage; this money has never reached them it is the rulers of Pakistan because by inviting Americans to Pakistan the Afghan war has been imported to our country also. It is the ruling elite only who are filling their pockets with US money and that is why the US presence is so dear to them. Pakistani people have never seen a single penny; they are aching under the burden of inflation at least partly released by the mistaken policy of IMF and World Bank. That why they have no stake in American presence.

An almost amusing fact is that Americans are quoting international treaties and conventions which would prevent Pakistan from keeping the murderer of Pakistani citizens in custody. Have Americans at any time headed any international agreement? Guantanamo, Palestine, Iraq war without UN sanction, attack on Afghanistan, Abu Gharaib, torture cells in Bagram, Syria, Poland and other places. What a joke! They are trying to pull our muscles by threatening to invoke these treaties and conventions and imposing sanctions by stopping aid. While the popular demand to start trial of George W. Bush for genocide in Afghanistan and Iraq has no value or relevance for them who are now pressurizing Pakistani government for just one American soul. As for Pakistan and this government the only way out is to try these criminals under the law of land and punish this murderer and his accomplices - in order to prevent further such incidents – cancel all visas of American citizens including the so-called ‘embassy staff’ and make them leave the country within a week. After the heat waves have settled one can think about letting in a limited number of diplomats after proper check-up. As an American dependency Pakistan has no future. Our only way out is to emancipate ourselves.

If the government again succumbs to US pressure it will not only undermine its own existence, it will invite a new wave of terrorist attacks on Pakistani soil and may be an Egypt like situation though the unfolding of events after two weeks of public uproar appears to be dwindling to take Egypt out of the Israeli and American clutches and accept only face changes.

One has to keep in mind that the main cause of this turmoil in Middle East is high economic disparity the balance of which is now shifting and soon a big chunk of poor and hard hit people are going to multiply their income and resultantly their purchasing power due to increase in agricultural yields, then the curse of slavery will die its natural death. If the government again succumbs to US pressure it will not only undermine its own existence, it will invite a new wave of terrorist attacks on Pakistani soil and may be another Tunis & Egypt like situation under the changing circumstances.
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