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پیر، 21 مارچ، 2011

West maintains covert goals through its military interference in Libya

The opposition in Libya has a monarchist and pro-western tilt. A pro-western regime change in Libya will allow the west to lay its hands on the massive oil and gas riches of the country but the western forces have to realise that intervening in a country with superior military power is easy, predicting the outcome is the difficult part. Gaddafi will try to hold out as long as possible. As the war proceeds, it is inevitable that not only will the western bombardment take out Gaddafi`s forces, it will also lead to civilian casualties. Such incidents will only strengthen the religious tight that will play on emotions by dubbing this as another attack on Muslim country. By attacking Libya, the west is making things worse for itself and losing its credibility in the Muslim and wider world. It is also unclear whether anyone has calculated the conseqences and fallout of this attack . The mess in Libya is getting messier by the day. The west`s aggressive posture is not helping anyone`s cause.

While numerous political circles, figures, civil organizations and NGOs had warned against the West's covert goals behind its military interference in Libya, reports have revealed the behind-the-scene aims of Western regimes from waging a war against Libya.
 In this regard, an American daily indirectly admitted that the aim behind the West's onslaught on Libya has not been the materialization of the Libyan people's demand for establishment of freedom and democracy. The US-based daily Time implied that the goal behind West's intervention in Libya has been to gain further economic interests; to be present in the global scene for a showdown; and to present a so-called pacifist and democratic visage. This paper pointed out that West's vested economic interests are without a doubt one of the main reasons behind this offensive against Libya, which maintains almost 2% of the global energy reserves.
Concurrent with revelation of the Western regimes' ill intentions in Libya, the Chairman of US Armed Forces Joint Chiefs of Staff, Rear Admiral Michael Mullen, has announced that the goal behind the US and, in general, Western regimes' interference in Libya is not to topple Muammar Gaddafi's regime. These remarks are made while the world public opinion, especially regional people in Middle East have been enraged with the inhuman and barbaric acts of the Libyan dictator against Libyan nation and demand the immediate ouster of Gaddafi's despotic regime. Meanwhile, Mullen's remarks once again disclosed the US hypocritical policies. Mullen openly said that they are not after ousting Gaddafi, and this stand signals a green light to Gaddafi to remain on power that reveals the concealed ties of the Libyan dictator with Washington's officials, which many pundits have referred to. Given the West's ill intentions in their interference in Libya, the regional unions have also warned against the repercussions of these military interventions. The UN resolutions on Libya and the public opinion emphasize that a military action against Libya should take place within the framework of UN and under its leadership. In this relation, the Arab League Secretary General, Amr Mousa, has emphasized that the West's attacks on Libya are not taking place to materialize the goals of UN Security Council Resolution 1973, which emphasizes on enforcement of a no-fly zone over Libya to prevent the mass murder of Libyan people. In an address to reporters, Amr Mousa said from the very beginning we were demanding the enforcement of a no-fly zone over Libya to protect the lives of Libyan nation. But, currently, we are witness to further carnage of Libyan people.
Meanwhile, the Islamic Republic of Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Ramin Mehmanparast, has said that the stand adopted by Islamic Republic of Iran has always been in support for people and their legitimate demands in any country.
He added that meanwhile the record of conduct of domineering states in occupation of oppressed countries always makes these states' intentions in such actions as dubious. These domineering states usually begin with deceptive mottos in support for people. But, in fact these domineering states pursue their sinister interests in domination of considered countries, in establishment of military bases, and in continuation of their neo-colonial goals. Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman called on the people of all countries that are faced with major developments to remain vigilant in making their demands and not to allow foreign states to dominate their soil.
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