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منگل, اپریل 5, 2011

US crimes in Afghanistan revealed

Afghanistan there is another conflict connected with the Quran burining, and the thing is that there have been published some photos and films of American soldiers who have killed Afghan civilians, and so again there is that combination of these negative pictures of these assassinations of Afghan civilians, and on the other hand it is Quran burning, so this combination of religious attack against the Quran and of humiliating the civilian people in Afghanistan.
Rolling Stone, a US magazine, has uncovered many cases of war crimes committed by the US occupation forces in Afghanistan over the past nine years on the pretext war on terror. Newly published photos and footage have revealed that members of a US army unit's "kill team" targeted innocent Afghan civilians for wager.
The videos show US soldiers cutting the finger of an Afghan teen they killed for fun, and later used it to wage a bet while playing cards, the weekly reported.
A week after one soldier was jailed after striking a plea bargain to testify against the team's ringleader, the magazine published a series of graphic images and a long story including extensive details of the allegations.
The images were published just days after another batch of pictures taken by the soldiers appeared in the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel.
The Rolling Stone pictures included vivid versions of photos published by Spiegel, showing soldiers posing with the bloodied corpse of an Afghan youth, holding the head up to the camera.
In view of the fresh scandal of the US occupation forces in Afghanistan and the increase of the people's hatred and outrage, the Pentagon is seeking to destroy the pictures by taking special measures in a bid to hush up or at least minimize the impact of another scandal on the scale of what happened at Baghdad's notorious Abu Ghraib prison at the hands of the shameless US occupation forces.
The disclosure of new dimensions of the US war crimes in Afghanistan while the country has been witnessing in recent days widespread demonstrations against the blasphemous burning of the holy Qur'an by a pastor in Florida has put the US in a difficult situation.
Although according to the US Department of Defense, the persons involved in the crimes are on trial and the investigation in this regard is continuing, this does not satisfy the Afghans because they want all the US and NATO criminal forces to be tried and punished inside Afghanistan. Moreover, the Afghans believe that as long as their country remains under US-NATO occupation, such crimes will be continued.
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