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پیر، 13 جون، 2011

‘cowardly terrorist attack’ Khyber Super Market

Twin bomb blasts that ripped through a croweded market in Peshawar, killing 39 people and injuring dozens. The attack, one of the deadliest in a series to hit Pakistan since US Navy SEALs killed Osama bin Laden in May, devastated the Khyber Super Market which included a hotel, shop and student accommodation. The Taliban, who have threatened to carry out attacks to avenge the killing of bin Laden, denied any role in the bombing and said they target only the government and military.

Many jounalists working in Peshawar live in the rooms above the shops and eat at the marketplace's restaurants. Those killed included two journalists, Asfandyar Khan, of Akhbar-e- Khyber, and Shafiullah, a trainee reporter of The News.

Thugs slaughter over 39 innocent people and gore more than 80 in two blasts in a Peshawar super market and an inept officialdom is its usual crap: trite condemnations, condolences and brave talk pouring out from high official mansions; and law-enforcers telling of the weight of explosives used. But for how long are the undefended citizens to put up with this bunkum of the rulers and their subordinate law-enforcers? Are they there only to condemn and condole and give weight of explosives? Are they there only to trot out obscene excuses to explain away their colossal derelictions and collapses? If the snowballing horrific bloodbath is terrorists’ revenge killing for Osama’s death, then what? Are the security people to keep sitting on their haunches while leaving the citizens out to be belaboured and devoured up freely and playfully by the terrorist wolves until they get exhausted and leave the killing field to give rest to their tired hands to resume the slaughter with renewed vengeance? Why indeed no comprehensive strategy is in place as yet to fight out the thugs and put paid to their murder trade? Will ever law-enforcers tell the harried citizens that they had preempted a fatal thuggish assault on them by capturing the thugs and their lethal explosives baggage before they could strike? Why really is such a criminal apathy running from end to end of the officialdom to secure the citizens’ lives? Is it because the value of ordinary human life in this land has reduced into nothingness? Or, is it because only the blood of the privileged and the elite has become here a priceless precious thing to secure in any event and at all costs? Verifiably, while impenetrable security shield is laid out to secure the high and the mighty of the land, the ordinary citizen is left even without a passable security to defend his life. As the bulk of police force remains deployed day and night on VIP security duty, the ordinary citizens doesn’t have even nightly police street patrol to at least secure him from theft and burglary.Indeed, that unfortunate citizen has become such a worthless thing in this land that even after a lethal terrorist strike, he has to run from pillar to post for procuring medical aid for his injured and gored. So apathetic is the officialdom to his unenviable woe that quite a number of hospitals do not have facilities for treatment of burn injuries even in the major cities, while the thugs do not spare even small towns from their evil bomb blasts and suicide attacks. This ordinary citizen is in a pathetic predicament, really.

While the thugs do not desist from perpetrating bloodbath on him, the officialdom is not much bothered about him. It is the privileged that gets all its attention for security and safety. Not only this officialdom gives the precious privileged fortified residences to live in and tightly secured offices to work in, it procures him bullet-proof cars as well to travel in under the escort of vigilant heavy security details. And presently it is working frantically on a plan to build an underground passageway for the security of federal lawmakers from their lodges to the parliament house, just a 500-yard distance.There is no point to tell the rulers that the country is in a warlike condition and they have to act like a war leadership. They have no time for such insignificant matters as they are taken up with far more important issues like survival in power, jostling for power and toppling one another for power. They need not telling either that while the terrorists are getting increasing and lethally organised and are increasingly coordinating and orchestrating their thuggish activities to become an insurmountable existential threat to this country, the state act is increasingly becoming chaotic, disorganised and disorderly. They have no time to listen to this too. But at least they can take some time out to at least put some passable emergency medical aid in hospitals all over the country for treatment of the injured in thuggish assaults. As for their riddance from terrorist bloodshed, the citizens will now keep praying to the divine powers for help. In the rulers they have lost all hope.
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