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منگل، 19 جولائی، 2011

Israeli weapons in Karachi?

Amidst worsening law and order situation due to target killing and related incidents of violence, the Interior Malik has made a categorical statement that Israeli made weapons were being used by miscreants in Karachi. This is in our view no news in the sense that for a long time not only Israeli, US, Russian but other countries weapons are being used by criminals and gangs of all sorts.

Internal security czar Rehman Malik has revealed that Israeli-made weapons are being used by gunmen in Karachi and investigations are on to know their suppliers. But if he really doesn’t know, that indisputably speaks poorly of him and the security establishment. The bloodletting in the port city is no new phenomenon. The beleaguered metropolis has been in the lap of bloodbath now for quite long. And for salvaging it from this catastrophe, snapping of weapons supplies to the perpetrators of this wanton killing is but an indispensable essential step. Knowing not as yet of even the suppliers of the slaughter tools thus sits troublingly on the mind. But the matter is not as simple as Rehman has sought to make it to be. Believably, the security establishment is not as ignorant as has he feigned. It knows quite a lot, but is loath to speak out. The military had captured foreign-made weapons in quantities from the thugs and their armouries during its campaigns in Swat, Malakand, Bajaur and South Waziristan. It had then named even the countries of their origin. But then it took to the fasting of silence which it is still to break, even as its muteness has becoming a festering sore on this nation’s body. Who doesn’t know the real cause of the establishment’s this deafening muteness, so akin to a newly-wed bride’s shyness in calling her groom’s name? The dreadful name is America. The weapons may have been of Indian, Israeli or of any other foreign make. But their supply pipelines originate from Afghanistan, where for years the CIA sat in collusion with India’s RAW, Israel’s Mossad and Afghanistan’s NDS spy agencies to launch their joint forays in the neighbourhood to further primarily its geopolitical and strategic objectives while making their own gains as well. And their shenanigans were not so unknown. Quite a lot were very much in the public domain. Indeed, it was during CIA’s Afghanistan satrapy, which this American intelligence agency had held all through Bush’s double presidency, that huge dumps of weapons, including sophisticated guns, rocket launchers and mortars, as well as deadly munitions disappeared mysteriously in Afghanistan from the American army’s and their allied Afghan security forces’ arsenals. American’s own inspectors stumbled on this unaccountable lethal disappearance, which occurred at the time when our tribal region and Balochistan were humming feverishly with the reports of loads of weapons and cash coming in from across the border. Surely, if the residents of those areas were hearing that noise, the security establishment’s eyes and ears couldn’t be all deaf to that din. The new bristling weapons in the hands of the locals inexplicably couldn’t have escaped their notice. The merchants hawking for buying influential loyalties at $500,000 per head in the tribal region and at $10,000 a youth in Balochistan couldn’t pass by them unnoticed. Nor could the sight of mountain vehicles having landed mysteriously in numbers in the tribal areas could have escaped their eye. And only an opaque blind could fail seeing strangers having settled in specially-built billets in a desolate far end of the Tirah valley. Yet the establishment kept mum. Had it not, it would have been not in a spot it is in now so disgracefully and so humiliatingly. A bit of spine on its part would have put the CIA in the place where this spineless establishment is now – in the dock in the court of the world public opinion. Can you imagine where the ISI chief would have been languishing in Washington had he declared hubristically publicly there that he has laid his own agency’s spy network in America? The CIA got away unscathed with its arrogance that it has set up its own spy network in our tribal areas over the past two years. And where would have been a Pakistani spymaster after proclaiming publicly that he had infested parts of Afghanistan and softened them up vulnerably? Former NDS chief Amrullah Saleh has got not a hair split from his body for proclaiming that his Afghan spy agency had done this task in our tribal areas since five years ago. And this agency, mind you, has been practically a subordinate agency of the CIA all through its Afghanistan satrapy. At least now, the security establishment must break its muteness fast and speak out the truth, calling a spade a spade. Its disgusting quietude has been banefully very horrendous to this unfortunate nation having the misfortune of being saddled with such a gutless security establishment. For once, it must muster up the pluck and speak up who actually has been the supplier of the lethal weaponry to its agents and proxies to kill and maim our innocent people.
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