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جمعرات، 28 جولائی، 2011

Murder squads reappear in Karachi

 Sindh senior minister Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza who had met Afaq Ahmad in prison to pave the way for the renegade leader's release to fight his battle against the MQM leader Mr. Altaf Hussain. With the support of the Sindh government, particularly Zulfiqar Mirza who had clearly disclosed his intentions in his brash and venomous speech against Mohajiris for which he started his campaign to demolish Mohajir unity under the leadership of Altaf Hussain by putting up Afaq faction against him.

Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Mr Altaf Hussain
 By Burhanuddin Hasan

Sure enough the killings started once again, this time in Malir and Khokrapaar areas claiming 13 lives. The area remained under siege for quite a while as gunmen were roaming around freely facing no resistance from police or rangers. How could they? It was all preplanned. The MQM leaders who had reached an agreement with President Zardari only a few days ago to partially cooperate with the government under the guidance of Dr. Ishratul Ibad who returned to Karachi to resume office as Governor Sind. He called a few meetings to stress the need for peace and quite in Karachi.

That was about all. He has not spoken a word about the recent killings by the activists of Afaq group in Malir and Landhi. The next day the killers were so emboldened that they opened fire on the streets around Civil Hospital on unsuspecting passers by who ran all over the busy streets in panic to save their lives. This horrific scene shown by TV channels was awe inspiring. Mr. Altaf Hussain has in a statement only appealed for calm. Other MQM leaders staged a walk out from the assembly and blamed a few ministers for the deadly episode. They said that the way our workers and sympathizers were targeted in Malir and Landhi makes it obvious that this unleashing of terrorism is calculated and being patronized by some one in the government. They said we would; however cooperate with the government in every effort for peace in Karachi. A wishful thinking indeed!

President Zardari, who was in Karachi summoned the Home Minister Manzoor Wassan to discuss the situation and ordered him to take action against the killers. Only time will tell how the minister deals with the situation. It is our good luck that Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani, who has been indifferent to the Karachi carnage so far, told the National Assembly that his government would not tolerate disorder in the country’s economic hub and asked all political forces to help maintain peace there. This cliché ridden statement will obviously not solve the Karachi problem. As chief executive of the country he is expected to come down to Karachi and personally take command to tackle the most complicated Karachi situation in which a minister in Sind government who is very close to the President is deeply involved. So long as this minister is in his present position the persecution of Mohajir community will continue.

Karachi which was once considered the safest and most peaceful metropolis in South Asia has now become the den of senseless crime, ethnic strife and sectarian fanaticism. Every day media is full of revolting stories of gruesome murders, daredevil robberies and free use of most sophisticated weapons. These merchants of death roam around freely killing peaceful citizens sleeping in their houses, sitting in their shops or walking on the streets. Nobody feels safe. Isn’t it the responsibility of the government to clean up this metropolis which is the hub of trade and industry, from the dirt of crime, murders and political warfare going on these days?

Sindh senior minister Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza
Mr. Prime Minister you cannot shirk your responsibility that God has bestowed upon you. Altaf Hussain too, on whom God has bestowed the honor to lead a well organized and disciplined party of middle class people who earn their living through their honest hard work, it is his duty to safeguard their lives and their jobs. Most of all protect their identity as a community which has played a historic role in the creation of Pakistan. The Mohajirs are passing through a critical phase these days at the hands of crafty Sindhi leadership which is bent upon damaging the community as much as they can. The most regrettable aspect of the prevailing situation is that neither the federal nor the provincial government, seem to be really concerned about the explosive situation in the country’s biggest city and its industrial base. Only when some tragic event happens and people lose their lives our rulers just issue standard statements or condolence messages and then go back to sleep. One hopes that this time they will take some tangible measures by throwing out the mischievous elements from the provincial government as quickly as possible.
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