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بدھ، 27 جولائی، 2011

OBL of the Norway

 While one is at a loss for words to condemn the massacre of over 100 people in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik, the incident is a grim reminder that terrorism has no boundaries or religion for that matter and that indeed the western world by badmouthing Muslims everywhere around the globe was only deceiving its gullible public to achieve ulterior motives.

Anders Behring Breivik
Hair-raising details are coming to surface about real background and motives of the Norwegian mass murderer, who killed 93 people in Oslo in twin attacks — a bomb blast and firing on a summer camp of the ruling party. According to the latest reports, the deeds of the killer were part of a deep-rooted conspiracy being hatched by some anti-Islam groups to malign Muslims and create conditions that could provide justification for military action against them.

It is shocking to know that the man was not just a Christian fanatic but had been working in coordination with several dozen other anti-Muslim individuals and groups in the United States, Israel, Britain, France, Germany, Belgium and India. He was also working on a plot to attack nuclear power stations and put the blame on Muslims in a secret campaign to banish Muslims from Europe. It was bad luck of the masterminds that the killer not only survived but was also arrested and their nefarious designs to put the blame on Muslims were foiled. These chilling and stunning details make it quite obvious that the network and activities of the groups which the killer represented were no less than that of Al-Qaeda and the man himself was as dangerous as Osama bin Laden. But it is intriguing and regrettable that the Western media, which misses no opportunity of Muslim bashing, has adopted a mysterious silence and is not as enthusiast as it should have been in digging out the truth; just because the man is their brother in faith and the term ‘terrorist’ is only reserved for Muslims. Otherwise, we need an Abbottabad-like operation to strike at the roots of such groups and individuals, who are in abundance in Europe as well as in India.

Also it is an unfortunate reality that America’s unjust war on terror has bred hatred within the Muslim community on the one hand and has increased prejudice of Muslim in the West, on the other; Breivik provides a glaring example of it. In fact such an outburst of hatred of Muslims was bound to happen given the US propaganda machinery busy demonising Muslims day in and day out. It is, therefore, understandable why the attack had so much shocked Europe and the US. Breivik is no lunatic, as is manifest from his statement that the action was “atrocious but necessary”. He thought it necessary because he wanted to prevent the Western Europe from “Muslim takeover” and therefore attacked “Islamic colonisation”. His words that he wanted to bring about a revolution are noteworthy because they reek of the same hatred that President Bush had nurtured evident by the term “crusade” he used. Breivik also revealed that a network of more terrorist cells exist and so the police, who up until the incident were busy keeping an eye on the Muslim Diaspora, should get alert.
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