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جمعرات، 21 جولائی، 2011

Unmaintainable US charges against Dr Fai

Kashmiri leader Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai, who commands wide and immense respect of Kashmiris throughout the world for his sincere efforts to project their cause, established Kashmir American Council/Kashmir Centre in Washington way back in 1990 with the declared objective of 'raising the level of knowledge in the US about the struggle of the Kashmiri people for self-determination' but strangely enough it dawned upon the US after about 22 years that he was involved in activities the violate its laws.

Kashmiri leader Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai
The detention of American-Kashmiri campaigner Ghulam Nai Fai by FBI on the charge of being allegedly an ISI agent in America should tell tellingly which way the icy wind is blowing from Washington against Pakistan. But more chilling is our own ruling hierarchy’s act, leaving the citizens in shivers. Over these times, not a day goes by when Pakistan is not humiliated in the US Congressional chambers, is not pilloried on its administration’s floors and is not demonised in its media compounds. But this hierarchy is sitting idly by, as if all is honky-dory and nothing has it to fret about. Neither it shows any much concern for the gales coming out from Washington nor for the storms brewing up in Afghanistan to further hurt our nation. This insouciance of the hierarchy is all the more troubling as the ruses and contrivances being dished up by the Americans have a lot of skullduggery and perfidy to them. They smack of a deeper stratagem of the American movers and shakers to throw in Pakistan to face up to the dire consequences of their acts of commission and omission in Afghanistan. Their very mantra of our North Waziristan tribal agency having become the safe haven of Afghan Taliban’s Haqqani group and it al-Qaeda chums, no lesser if it really is, then it is all because of the cowardice and spinelessness of the US-led invaders of Afghanistan who didn’t corral and hobble them on their side and let them sneak into the Pakistani territory to save their own skins. But their whole chant about al-Qaeda is a very deceptive discourse, covering up many an unpalatable truth, all unpardonably damning of America, particularly its spy agency CIA. There indeed was no al-Qaeda and is no al-Qaeda international. It is all a big hoax that the CIA has invented, which has been propagated as such fallaciously by trumpeting self-styled western terrorism experts, subject specialists, think tanks and media.The bland truth is more damning of the CIA. It was this agency that recruited zealots from all over the Muslim world to fight America’s proxy war against the Soviet invaders in Afghanistan. For poaching, it swooped on fanatical outfits, living on the fringes of the mainstreams of their national polities, though violently but marginally. But once the CIA dumped its recruits after the Soviet retreat from Afghanistan, many returned to their parent outfits to turn them into bigger and more lethal organisations, and a few stayed on in Afghanistan. But when they all were fighting America’s proxy war, they had no separate command known as al-Qaeda. They teamed up with one Afghani jihadi faction or the other and fought the Soviet invaders along with it. Osama was no commander in-chief of any separate command. He was mainly the CIA-backed recruiter of Arab fighters as indeed was the blind Egyptian sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman. And the Americans’ then-much-loved mujahideen commander Jalaluddin Haqqani was the principal handler of the Arab recruits shepherded in Afghanistan by the CIA and its anointed recruiters of zealots. Indeed, it is the Americans and their western allies who have glibly coined up such fictitious nomenclatures as al-Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula, al-Qaeda in Maghreb, al-Qaeda in Africa and so on. The fanatical outfits go by their own names, although they often teasingly use the banners assigned to them by the western governments and their self-professed terrorism specialists, experts and opinion-making elites. Blind sheikh Rahman’s outfit still bears the name of Al Gama’a al Islamiyya, so do the others. All that talk of al-Qaeda affiliates is just bunkum. The only difference now is that with the return of Afghan war veteran to their cadres, the previously feeble fanatical fringes have become so stronger as to threaten the mainstreams with imminent infestation and inroads. Haqqanis may have retained some of their old links of the era of CIA-propelled Afghan jihad against the Soviet invaders. But no affiliate could it be, as it has its own long-established strong base in the eastern Afghanistan where it still commands wide tribal support.But the woe is that our ruling hierarchy is paying no attention at all to this American hoax of North Waziristan having become the base of the Haqqani group and its al-Qaeda allies and letting it pass uncontested.It doesn’t even seem to understand that the Americans are in all probability going to use this contrivance for a diabolical adventurism against our country with a sinister design in their minds. Will it take some time out at least now from its power forays to give some thought to the American impending venture? Or will it wake when the tide is on the head?
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