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منگل، 16 اگست، 2011

Dirty eyes on Pak nukes

The day news pertaining to the 31 US troops’ death as a result of Taliban shot down American chopper ‘Chinook’ appeared in media the same day a news published in the newspapers said that an American television channel NBC News has claimed the US has a contingency plan to snatch and grab Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. The news story depicts that “Plans have been drawn up for dealing with worst-case scenarios in Pakistan, NBC news reported quoting current and former US officials, who say that ensuring security of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons has long been a high US security priority even before 9/11 terrorist attacks.” It shows American intentions that it was pertinent to do so even before the 9/11, though it can do anything out of frustration as it is not gaining success in Afghanistan as it has proved to be another Vietnam for USA. There are rumours that the commandos killed in the attack included the commandos who were part of the team which did operation against Osama on 2nd May. Indian media is, however, portraying this incident in way that it may be resolve to eliminate only living proof of validity of the Osama operation. It is, however, just a coincidence that in 1988, C-130 crash in Bahawalpur in which General Zia and many of the senior military officers died an American ambassador also died along with them. In Afghanistan Chinook incident an ‘intelligence dog official’ and his trainer have also given their lives. Dog must have realized that it was a ‘manly’ job. In fact the way Americans want to get out of Afghanistan by pulling out its forces seems it was the firstever bigger loss to US forces during the last ten years. It could be declared a major setback to American troops and a bad taste when its forces are all set to depart from Afghanistan. It has increased the number of casualties’ at the part of American troops who had faced very little casualties’ during decade long war. It was America’s first and may be the last effort in WOT. It is not good sign for American nation as it is facing hard times in economic sector as well because America has already lost its ‘AAA’ credit rating for the first time in the last 70 years. On the other hand one of its close allies like Pakistan doesn’t trust America as it ditched it hard by doing Osama operation that too in a very insulting manner. People are angry on the operation against Osama but the way it was portrayed and handled really left ill feelings. America’s continuous pressure to do more and to remain angry on even very small issues has really fed up Pakistan to keep pace with American policies. After the Osama operation it has revealed that America has its own agenda to be in this region. War on terror may be a cover resolve. America, however, wants to raise India to compete and compromise China’s position, to keep pressure on Iran, to keep Afghanistan political government in the doldrums, to insult Islamic values, and above all to destabilize Pakistan. The news item like Americans have made contingent plan to occupy Pakistan nukes is one of the resolve to create unrest and hatred among the masses which are already of the opinion that America has misjudged Pakistan’s capability and dignity level by undermining it in the Osama operation.Pakistan has made its nuclear weapon to defend its boundaries and for the deterrence sake hence it knows how to keep them safe and when to use them. None of the country can even think of snatch them. What to talk of snatching the same, no one even can go near to them.The way America is entangled in Afghanistan is a matter of concern for American masses. They are worried about the safety of their troops. American economy is heading towards deterioration. American instead are worrying about the other nations and their nukes should try to stabilize its economy and get its nation out of desperation.At least there is one issue where United States is competing with the war-torn and suicide bombing entangled countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan and that is unemployment. The way many Americans are taking help from YouTube to get their voice heard at the white house which seems a bit off-white after the masses are becoming hostile on not being given the jobs. Many of the Americans can be heard chanting in the video “bump in the road” apprising I am American I am not bump in the roads. It was into the response of Barak Obama’s statement that there are always bumps on the road to recover. Due to America’s involvement in other world especially the attack on Afghanistan and the 10-year long war on terrorism have caused America with huge financial crunch affecting its economy badly. That’s why millions of people in America have lost their jobs under Obama regime. People are apolitical till the time state addressees their day to day issues like employment, security, respect and independence to live in free society. If anyone of it is missing it can definitely within no time itself from apolitical to the political and they go for agitations, procession and violence. American society which was supposed to be most calm and peaceful has now been compelled to come out for their rights specially the employment which is now an issue for millions of the Americans. Only till June 3, 2011, the employment ratio in America has risen up to 9.1 per cent which is more alarming for society like America.It is the time when America must reconcile that it has to waste its resources in fulfilling its nefarious designs like destabilizing Muslim world by attacking few of the main Islamic countries and promoting violence or it has to save its deteriorating economy to provide employment and relief to its masses. American economy has deteriorated to the extent that it has announced to cut short of 80 billion dollars in its defence budget. IMF has already cautioned if the situation continues it will not harm US economy only but will affect economy of the world. America’s opposition party Republicans have also shown its concern on the destabilizing economy. There is information that America can sell out of its 30 to 60 million barrels of oil reserves to meet the shortage. A foreign news agency has reported that as many as 90 bids have been received by the authorities concerned so for. An official of emergency department had also confirmed that the decision to sell out the oil reserves been made final.So keeping in view its deteriorating economy America should avoid indulging into the conspiracy theories like “snatching-and-grabbing” nuclear weapons of a country which has sacrificed a lot in the war on terrorism and even has shown better performance than all of its allies including America. A prompt rebuttal of such news from Obama administration may become a reason to add some respect in ‘American bloom’.

(By Yousaf Alamgirian)

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