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ہفتہ، 4 مئی، 2013

India’s State funeral for its State killer

Sarabjit Singh was convicted for his involvement in serial bomb blasts in Lahore and Faisalabad in 1990. In these bomb blasts 14 innocent individuals were killed and several injured. He also confessed of carrying out the bomb blasts as directed by RAW. Therefore, basing on his confessional statement in the courts, he was awarded death sentence in 1991. The relatives of victims of Indian Spy’s terrorism have many times demanded his speedy trial and hanging in the case of brutally killing innocent Pakistanis.

Shame, indignity, disgrace etc are the words; the Indian government as well as the Indian media does not seem to be familiar with. It becomes all too obvious in the backdrop of the hype that the Indian media has created over the demise of Sarabjit Singh with the government of India announcing to give a State funeral to this convicted and crystal clearly established State killer from India who confessed killing of 14 innocent Pakistanis in different acts of first degree terrorism. If the unscrupulous Indian media started giving coverage to Sarabjit Singh episode if some top celebrity of India was thrashed in Pakistan with Pakistan government miserably failing to provide adequate protocol and security to this top Indian celebrity than the shameless Indian government sent its special aircraft to carry home the dead body of the convicted terrorist.

Who was Sarabjit Singh? What did he do to get a death sentence? Who sent him to Pakistan? What did he confess during the lawful interrogation and what did the prosecution established against him the Courts of Law which even the Indian government couldn’t deny or challenge? 

Sarabjit Singh was arrested by Pakistani authorities in early 90s after a series of bomb blasts ripped through different parts of Pakistan. During the investigations, Sarabjit Singh confessed to the authorities that he was sent to Pakistan by Indian government agencies and he carried out different bomb blasts at Lahore, Faislabad etc in which 14 innocent Pakistanis were killed. The prosecution took him to the Courts of Law at al the judicial levels where it was proved that Sarabjit was the killer of 14 innocent people and thus was handed over the death sentence. After Sarabjit was sentenced to death, the Indian government suddenly started to ask Pakistan to release him on humanitarian grounds, irrespective of the fact that he was sentenced to death for killing 14 innocent people, including women and children. It was perhaps the first time that the Indian government came forward to own a terrorist who was arrested red handed in Pakistan. Since then, Indian government, setting aside all the shame, grace and international diplomatic and political norms, constantly kept asking Pakistan to release the killer on humanitarian grounds. This quest for Sarabjit by the Indian government was later joined by the Indian media with equal shamelessness and disgrace.

The convicted killer, who was waiting to be hanged in a death cell of Kot Lakhpat Jail in Lahore, eventually, died of heart attack at a Lahore hospital after he was admitted there, following a physical scuffle with 2 other inmates. However, soon after Sarabjit was taken to hospital from prison, Indian government and the Indian media started reacting as if the heavens had fallen. And finally, the Indian government announced to honour Sarabjit a State funeral while his family, since then, is being treated as the kin of a national Hero of India.

Why the Indian government and the Indian media have started treating the dead killer and convicted terrorist as a martyr and a national Hero of India. Irrespective of the fact that Sarabjit died of negligence of prison authorities or did he fall victim to a plan by Indian Intelligence that wanted to deflect media and public attention from stand-off with China, it remains a million dollars question that what the hell on earth had Sarabjit done for India that the government of India and Indian media have started treating him as a posthumous National Hero? Indian government and the Indian media that with which face they profess for eliminating terrorism and terrorists when they treat convicted terrorists as national heroes? 

What was Srabjit’s contribution to Indian nation that he is being given a State funeral? What makes Sarabjit Singh different from Ajmal Kasab who was hurriedly hanged by Indian government on the charges of killing innocent people in Mumbai attacks? 

It is proving beyond any doubt that Sarabjit Singh was a State killer from Indian, sent to Pakistan on a terrorism mission by the government of India and now the State of India is giving its State terrorist a State funeral with India media going unscrupulous and unethical as always.

What they are doing in Sarbajit Singh episode, aren’t the Indian government and the Indian media encouraging the Indian nationals to come to Pakistan and kill innocent people to become national heroes back in India upon return, no matter dead or alive?

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