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جمعرات، 17 جون، 2010

Pak Navy inducts two upgraded P3C Orion aircraft

Pakistan has officially inducted two modified P3C Orion maritime surveillance aircraft in its naval fleet.

The aircraft, acquired from the US, were inducted during a ceremony held at the Pakistan Navy base Mehran in Karachi.

Attending the ceremony, Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Noman Bashir said that the induction of the upgraded aircraft would enhance the capability of Pakistan Navy and its aviation wing.

The aircraft are part of a batch of seven P-3C Orion aircraft Pakistan will get from the US.

The next set of the aircraft would be arriving in the later part of this year, the Navy Chief said.

US defence major Lockheed Martin upgraded the aircraft by equipping them modern avionics and other systems.

The P3C Orion has been designed for carrying out reconnaissance, anti-ship and anti-submarine surveillance warfare missions.
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