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پیر، 20 ستمبر، 2010

Constitutional darkness in shining India

A society fettered in caste bondage, economic deprivation, social injustice, racial discrimination milieu is bound to generate terror than behaving as responsible citizen. Basing his studies on the same premise one of the great schlars once said " terror is noting else but justice prompt, secure and inflexible Indian leaders should take into cognizance.

RENOWNED Indian constitutionalist, scholar, Dalit leader and great philanthropist Dr. Ambedkar described the Indian leadership an ascending scale of hatred and a descending scale of contempt. This is what its Lok Sabha has proved with their new legislation against the Christians and Muslims of India. Indian society is filibuster. Saffron Terrorism like an ill-wind that blows nobody any good and continues to open its doors for despair with its blazing axe in their hands to chop down the minorities by unfurling its agenda again to inject its stings through legislation, as the fear of proselytizing looms large, all over the country. To achieve their objectives, they have a long list of excuses and ruses, but none justified, logical, legal and humanitarian. Indian parliament has passed a law a couple of days ago that reportedly seeks to tighten the noose around the people right of worship by clamping restrictions on the flow of foreign funds to the NGOs, which it regards are being used as instruments of influence in the religious conversion.
The report has further added that violence had impacted on 13 other districts of Kandhamal, and saw copycat incidents in other states, notably Karnataka, but also in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh where the violence died out when there was nothing more left to burn. It was heartening to note former Indian revenue Secretary K.R. Venugopal’s remarks conveyed to Orissa government: “There can never be any dignity if people practicing a particular religion – here Christianity – are told that they can return to their homes only as Hindus” What if the same recipe is followed by the world at large. Did they ever imagine, the cost of migration, displacement, political fallouts and economic repercussions. The law, on prima facie appears un-scathing, but the hurry demonstrated to pass the same by the Lok Sabha with the support of Hindu revivalist Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) raised many concerns. Although media reports have not provided any details about the said legislation bill but it intends to target two major groups Muslims, being the largest Indian minorities and Hindus – one of the most sought after religions for proselytizing. The rightwing Hindus blame that both the religious minorities are using monetary inducements and in certain cases use of force as their levers of allurement employed by the charitable schools and hospitals to ensnare the poor masses. No one can deny the fact that such an attempt amounts to culture of tolerance and freedom of religious worship. The flow of funds, official patronage, discreet political backing and its glorification through tragic episodes like demolition of the Babri Mosque, and Gujarat carnage by the politicians like A.K.Advani and Narendra Modi `merchant of deaths’ is manifestation of what kind of justice, India would administrate under the banner of Secularism. The Muslim and Christian communities are already being ostracized, demonized, bullied and paralyzed by poking all kind of fun and bizarre blame game. To justify Indian actions, the writer has applied a dirty trick by citing a statement without naming the Pakistani historian “we too mistreat Christians and other minorities in Pakistan, but we do so under military rule, you do it under parliamentary democracy” is nothing but a pigment of Indian mind. As part of its defensive strategy, fascist Hindu organizations like Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Bajrang Dal, Ranvir Sena, Shiv Sena, Bharatiya Jan Sangh and Hindu Mahasabha have now created their new squads to target the Christians and the Muslims under the so-called labels of obscurants or vigilant groups to hunt all those who are inclined to convert. To justify their inhuman acts, they have started claiming that Christian Missionaries and Muslim preachers are using force to achieve their objectives. It is stark historic reality that proselytizing has never been done by any minority by force. If it is done, it would be for the time being only and same is true in case of monetary baits. A society fettered in caste bondage, economic deprivation, social injustices, racial discrimination milieu is bound to generate terror than behaving as responsible citizens. Basing his studies on the same premise one of the great scholars once said “terror is nothing else but justice prompt, secure and inflexible (Maximilien de Robespierre), Indian leaders should take into cognizance.

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