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پیر، 20 ستمبر، 2010

Taiwanese attacked in New Delhi Plot against the Commonwealth Games

By Sajjad Shaukat

It is the first time that India will host the Commonwealth Games scheduled to be held between October 4 and October 14, 2010. But by setting aside this optimistic sports event, India has prepared a plot to sabotage the Commonwealth Games in order to implicate Pakistan just like the Mumbai-terror attack which was arranged by the Indian home-gown terrorists with the covert support of Indian secret agency RAW.

It is notable that in the aftermath of the Mumbai mayhem, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and its former home minister had repeatedly said that Pakistan is the epicenter of terrorism, and the Mumbai-terror attacks were conducted with its official support.

This blame game against Islamabad took a new turn when in 2009, during his visit to the United  States, Manmohan Singh said that any Mumbai-like catastrophe is likely to be planed in Pakistan. Besides in the recent past, Indian high officials have also been propagating that any terrorist plan in India will be arranged by Pakistani insurgents with the help of its intelligence agencies.

However, Commonwealth Games of 2010 have provided New Delhi with a good chance to prepare and implement an anti-Pakistan conspiracy. Notably, before leaving his office, once Indian National Security Adviser M K Narayan had also stated that Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI was planning to conduct terrorist attack during the Commonwealth Games. Apart from him, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Mrs Shila Dikshit had also remarked that there was threat of terrorist activities by the ISI. In fact, the purpose of such type of statements by the Indian leaders is to justify Indian clandestine activities and to prepare grounds against Pakistan before sabotaging the Commonwealth Games.

It is of particular attention that the timeframe of the Commonwealth Games coincides with the period when Israel will be under tremendous pressure of international community as about 60-100 ships are likely to be present close to Gaza besides a large number of road transport vehicles from across the globe to break the siege of Gaza through land and sea routes in September-October 2010. And the timings of this new attack would be decided by Israel as and when it felt that the international pressure on Gaza was crossing a predetermined level. Any such terror activity in India, especially during or before the Commonwealth Games 2010 would lead to finger pointing towards Pakistan. Thus, collaboration of RAW and Israeli Mossad is really a potent threat to the regional peace which will receive a greater setback in this regard. By availing the opportunity, Tel Aviv will succeed in diverting the attention of the international community and media away from Gaza.

Highly credible sources suggest that the new sabotage plan has been prepared by RAW and Mossad with the help of Indian fundamentalist parties such as BJP and RSS including some extremist Hindus. In this regard, Congress Party might have decided to unfold the sabotage plan in relation to the Commonwealth Games for gaining the political benefit over the BJP and RSS, but it ignored this benefit. Instead, it preferred to use the sports event so as to malign Pakistan. So India with the help of RAW has decided to get the services of Hindu extremists for a new terrorist catastrophe during the Commonwealth Games. In this connection, Congress has complete information about the involvement of the right wing Hindu parties in the terrorist activities in India since 2004. Nevertheless, owing to the political compulsions, it could not take up the saffron terrorism issue so vigorously. In this respect, Congress could give a free hand to the right wing fundamentalist parties during the Commonwealth Games in order to implicate Pakistan for this coming catastrophe.

Recall, during simultaneous attacks in Mumbai, the death of Anti-Terrorism Squad Chief Hemant Karkare who was assassinated due to his leading role in the investigation against Hindu terrorists regarding the 2006 Malegaon bombings, exposed that Indian intelligence agencies had themselves planned the scheme to pressurize Pakistan and to take political advantage over the latter. New Delhi not only wanted to divert its attention from this issue, but also desired to abandon peace process with Pakistan, which it had suspended.

Regarding Mumbai tragedy, in the Indian Mail Today, Narayan Rane, an Indian-Hindu leader of the Congress had disclosed on December 16, 2008 that Hindu politicians of India provided logistical and financial support to Hindutva terrorists for killing Karkare. 

In fact, with the support of US, India had been manipulating the post-Mumbai phenomenon to isolate Pakistan so as to fulfill anti-Pakistan designs as part of a conspiracy. In that context, India had launched a diplomatic offensive to build pressure when its Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon had briefed foreign envoys in New Delhi on the evidence linking Pakistan-based organisations in the terrorist attacks in Mumbai.

Besides, a few days after the November 26 tragedy, India sent a number of diplomatic missions to various western capitals to convince them that Islamabad is officially behind Mumbai terror events. In that context, it tried its best to tarnish the image of Pakistan in the comity of nations�and made strenuous efforts to get Pakistan declare a terrorist state.

In that context, New Delhi also built military pressure on Islamabad. After the mobilization of military troops by India and violation of Pakistan’s air space, Islamabad was compelled to follow the suit, placing its forces on high alert to face any eventuality of prospective surgical strikes.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s political and military leadership had repeatedly made it clear that our country would avoid launching a military action, but would retaliate with full force if attacked by India.

While, fearing an atomic war, in fact, with the backing of US and some other western countries, India had been manipulating the post-Mumbai phenomenon to isolate Pakistan diplomatically to gain political leverage on a number of issues�especially the thorny dispute of Kashmir, besides implementing some other anti-Pakistan designs as part of a plot.

Nonetheless, failed in its sinister designs against Pakistan in the aftermath of Mumbai attacks, India is likely to implement a plot against the Commonwealth Games 2010 so as to distort the image of Pakistan as it has already started saying that the latter’s intelligence agency ISI can arrange terrorist activities to sabotage the coming Commonwealth Games, while, in fact, Indian RAW and Mossad with the support of Indian fundamentalist extremist parties will sabotage this greater sports event.

At this critical juncture, Pakistan is facing a multiple crises of grave nature in wake of intermittent strikes by the US drones, suicide attacks, continued insurgency in the tribal regions and subversive acts in Balochistan as RAW and Mossad are trying to weaken Pakistan because the latter is the lonely Islamic country, possessing nuclear weapons.

Our civil and military leadership must be quite vigilant at this sensitive moment because with the connivance of RAW, Indian government could manage another Mumbai-like incident before or during the Commonwealth Games in order to get a number of political and diplomatic advantages over Pakistan.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations


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